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Adventures of Sister Elsmore 8

From: Mandy Elsmore 
Date: November 13, 2012 5:38:29 PM CST
Hi Family!

Go to the Airport at 4:30pm. So thinking that the best time to call would be when I get to LA and there is a 2 1/2 hour wait. What  do you think? I get one more email in the MTC before I leave next Tuesday. As for the email, I keep the same email my entire email. Mom and Dad can keep emailing me. I don't know about anybody else yet. I have to wait until I get to the Philippines to find out. Probably I will be able to though. 

Delta Air lines 1211 
SLC 8:25 PM- LA 9:28 PM 20 Nov. 2012

Cathay Pacific Airways 881 
LA 12:05 AM- Hong Kong 7:40 AM

Cathay Pacific Airways 901
Hong Kong 9:05 AM- Manila, Philippines 11:15

Lots of things have happened...

Had fun in the snow. Made snow angels after Gym. WAS SO COLD! And made slushes with the snow by mixing it with juice. SO GOOD! HA HA HA! There are just sometimes when you have to let yourself have a little fun. ;)

We are sitting in devotional and someone asks before the start that they are looking for sisters going to the Philippines. we raise our hands, but the head people go over to another group of sisters first. However, after a couple minutes, they come up to us next and ask, "Are you the sisters who ate lunch with Brother Heaton?" We were like... "Whose that?" So they left. However, 5 minutes later they come over and Brother Heaton points at us and says, "Thats them!" We were like, "OH... That guy..." He says, "I ate lunch with them a week ago" We were all thinking, "We don't remember hardley anything that happened a week ago." HA HA HA! He takes us in a back room (my companions, another 3 some of sisters, and myself) and ask us if their conversation at lunch changed anything about our teaching. I was so confused, because on that day I was too far away from him to hear the conversation (being there were 3 sisters between me and him) so I did not take part in the conversation. He then asks us if we would share our experiences with everyone in the devotional as part of his talk!

We get front row seats to the devotional and my companion gives me a short summary of what the conversation was about. How to get investigators to truly commit. So we get up there and we each say something. I just share my thoughts on the subject (so scared). Finally my companion Sis. Campbell is the last to speak. She is so nervous she starts speaking some words in Tagalog. HA HA HA! Everyone loved her! We (especially sister Campbell) are famous in the MTC. A bunch of people keep coming up to us and talk to us like they know who we are. And the whole time we are standing there like, wait... who are you?"

Read a lot about the commandments this week. It will be hard to extend commandments I think to a people who are so poor and have nothing. But I guess its just like the story in Alma. The people were humbled by their poverty and were more spiritually ready to receive the gospel. I will have faith in the Lord and speak the words prompted by the spirit.

Sis Mandy Elsmore

Pictures: district and me hugging a snowman. ^_^

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