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Adventures of Sister Elsmore 1

From: Mandy Elsmore
Date: September 25, 2012 6:26:09 PM CDT

HI Family!

Yay! I survived my first week! It was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I was surprised that they had us start teaching our first day here though. Also, we have an investigator who we have been teaching since our third day of being here (Friday). We've taught 3 lessons in tagalog already (well, kind of with the help of some notes and a LOT OF HELP from the Spirit). Our goal, is that tomorrow when we teach Nel (investigator form Philippines who know sno english) that we use no notes. Miracles happen in the MTC righ? ;)

I have two companions like I said in my letter I sent (not sure if it got there or not yet). Sister Harston and Sister Campbell. Sister Harston is from California, really tall, blond, sweet natured, girly, and more on the quiet side. Sister Campbell is filipino; however, she doesn't know the language. She is very energetic, a tomboy who loves basketball, and has no filter for what she says. She is hilarious! ^_^ Both companions have no sense of direction, so the past few days they follow me around like ducklings. (they still do. HA HA HA!). Its a good thing I've worked here the past year, or we probably whould have been lost in the MTC forever. 

In my district there are four elders. Elder Hawkins (hald Korean form Salt Lake), Elder Van Dyke (quiet one form Washington? I think...) Elder Cox (super tall district leader form Utah somewhere), and Elder Watters (red haired Canadian). They are all sure funny. Makes learning the language more enjoyable. 

I'm surprised at how much of the language I've leaned this past wekek. The feel and atmosphere of the learning program here is very similar to the Foreign Language Housing and the language classes at BYU. Just ten times faster, but since its the only thing besided learning hos to teach/ religion (which a lot of it is self-study), I feel like its doable, learning decent tagalog in 9 weeks. so, I WILL DO IT!!! >~<

The things I've learned this week is that you have to have mutual trust hetween your companion(s). When you go in to teach, you have a plan and lesson; however, sometimes you get quesions you never expect, which you might not know the answer to. Your companion(s) however, can suppor you and answer things in a way that might beter than your own answer. We all have different streghths and weaknesses, but we can use them to help each other out. Prehaps this is why the Lord has us serve/ do things in pairs or in 3s. Missionaries, home teaching, visiting teaching, leadership callings, 1st presidency, etc... Even in the creation of the earth, god sent Jesus (Jehovah) and Michael (Adam) down to accomplish this. Also learned about the trusting in the Holy Ghost. We can teach, bu its the HG who testifies to people and causes them to have a change of heart. The lesson is not the most important things, its the investigator and their relationship with God. I still have a lot to learn, gospel and teaching wise, but I trust the Lord will guide my companions and I and the Holy Ghost will be there as a support it we do our best.

Sister Mandy Elsmore.

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