Sunday, February 24, 2013

Adventures of Sister Elsmore 14

From: Mandy Elsmore
Date: January 1, 2013 10:48:54 PM CST

Kumusta Family & Friends,

Yay! New Year! This week was crazy! I've never ate so much in my entire life! We had so many eating appointments for the the 31st and the 1st because 1) Filippinos love to feed the missionaries on Holidays 2) Both my companions are leaving this week. So they all wanted to say good bye. The Phrase my companions and the ward keep saying to me is "Eat more Elsmore." Thing about Filippinos, the same joke never gets old to them. HA HA HA! Most exotic thing I ate was crocodile. It was pretty good, like softer chicken. 

I am now in Cubao for the next two days and get my new companion tomorrow. I think I'm staying in Antipolo... I find out tomorrow. I'm excited to get a new companion(s?). I'm determined to get to know them and get closer to those in the Ward. 

One of my favorite people in the Ward, Nanay Helen, has been diagnosed with 2nd Degree Leukemia. The doctor says there is nothing they can do for her, she just has to wait for her time to die now. Its surprising to see though, how calm she is about it. Her faith about the afterlife is unwavering. She knows that her and her family have been sealed for all time and eternity and she feels ready. Ready to be reunited with her 14 year old son who died a couple years ago. She will leave behind her husband, a son, and a daughter. I love this woman. she has been a great example and friend to me. I will miss her when she goes, and for now, I will keep giving words of comfort and support to her, and try to do some service for her and her family. Its strange, but also wonderful to have the opportunity to become so close to so many people. And though its hard sometimes because you have no idea what to do or what you could possibly do to help, but I that's when after you do everything you can to help them, and listen to the spirit, you let the Lord take over and he takes care of the rest. Its amazing to see the effect the gospel has on peoples lives for the better.

Love you all! Hope you have a great start to 2013! 

Sister Elsmore 

PS: My card reader does not seem to work here for some reason. So sorry about no pictures for now. I'll look around for a new one here.  

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