Sunday, February 24, 2013

Adventures of Mandy Elsmore 19

From: Mandy Elsmore 
Date: February 4, 2013 12:37:27 AM CST


So I got my haircut finally. I could not stand having long hair here anymore. The humidity and long hair are NOT a good combination. (Also it was making my shower time longer because of it. HA HA HA!) So I cut off 4 or 5 inches today and made the poor hair dresser guy nervous. HA HA HA! But it turned out good. :) After I got my haircut though, him and his friend were saying I looked maganda (beautiful) and asking if I had a boyfriend. O~o Awkward... Left fast after that. HA HA HA!

Sunday was fun. So before we invited everyone we talked to to come to church with us. They were like, sure we will come, but in a tone that was like. If we have time, but I don't really want to. However, we had 10 investigators at church! Sister Christensen and I were super happy about this but had NO IDEA what we were going to do with them all! We might have freaked out a little bit. HA HA HA! Luckily we had a recent RM who was willing to teach a gospel doctrine class on the spot and it went well. Also the testimonies were all really good in sacrament meeting. IT WAS A MIRACLE! There was only one testimony that was, why are they talking about this... It was just one of those small miracles that you see the power of fasting and prayer. :)

Taught my first lesson in district meeting about using the scriptures. Had them do a activity with paper teddy bears. Have people compete against each other for who can find the scripture the fastest. Whoever wins, gets to rip off a lib from the losers teddy bear. The missionaries who win face each other and then the losers face each other. Repeating the pattern. Whoever has the most limbs after a several rounds wins out of everyone. Anyway, it was fun. Perhaps a little bit to much teddy bear carnage (because the elders began to rip not just the limbs of the bears. Should have expected this. HA HA HA! However, just showed how skilled a knowledgeable of the scriptures everyone is. It was intense. :) The winner got No Bake Cookies. 

Alma 31:5
I like the comparison of the scriptures as a sword. They are powerful and a essential tool as a missionary. <3 them. :) They also invite the HG which is the true teacher. We could teach/ preach all we want, but without the spirit, it doesn't mean a thing to people. One way to invite the HG is through the scriptures. Also, through our example and personal study of them, others will know that when we share them, we are truly being sincere. 

Love you All! I will write again soon. :)
Sister Elsmore

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