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Letter from sister Elsmore's companion Sister Abonitalla

We send a letter to Mandy's companion sister Abonitalla and this is a respond back from her.  You can see that she is a wonderful missionary and we are grateful for her and we are happy she is a Mandy's companion. 

Jonah Alayon Abonitalla <jonah.abonitalla@myldsmail.net>
Re: Kumusta!

 Good day po,

I'm shocked to receive an email from you but knowing Sister Elsmore's teasings, of you guys emailing me. Thanks for the email. I really appreciate it. I'm good and having Sister Elsmore as my companion makes it more good. My family lives in Beaumont, California. They've been there for a couple of years now. Hopefully after mission, if the circumstances won't let me live with them, at least I would like to visit them. 
I do have a fascination with the Japanese culture and traditions. Since my childhood days, reading manga and watching japanese cartoons helped me knowing more about Japan. I loved also learning Japanese language. And I know that coming to Japan will help me a lot. That is why when I was preparing for my mission, I really liked to be assigned at Japan. But I know that the Lord has put me here in Philippines Quezon City Mission because I will have to experience things that only here can take place for me to become more like my Savior.
It's really hard to think of Japanese stuff I want. They're too many of them, but I'll leave them to you to decide. I know that you know better than me.
I like Sister Elsmore's laugh. It makes our place more lively. She speaks Tagalog well. She's really serious on learning it. But she said it makes her to forget speaking fluently in English. Sometimes when she's trying to speak in English, she mixes it with tagalog words. Also, she feels awkward praying in English.
Being the eldest in my family and the only girl (besides my mom), made me to know cooking. I am not really a very good cook, I just know how to cook. I like best the Filipino dishes with coconut milk and anything seafood. Right now, she is collecting this bunch of recipes of Filipino dishes. She's excited to cook these for you.
Thank you very much for your heartfelt prayers for us. We are protected and strengthened because of your prayers. Knowing that I have more people praying for me, makes me determined and courageous to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Having a chance to become a missionary, especially in this glorious time, has been a big privilege to me. It helped me to know more my loving Father in Heaven, my Savior and my Redeemer and myself as a daughter of God. It helped me to polish my attributes to become more Christlike. It also helped me how to love people whoever they are.
I'm privileged to know you and thank you very much for the compliments.

With love, Sister Abonitalla

On Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 6:43 AM, The Elsmore family wrote:
Kumusta! Sister Abonitalla,

Hi! How are you? We just wanted to thank you for being a such a good sister missionary and companion to our daughter Sister Mandy Elsmore.  Mandy told us that your family lives in San Diego area. Did you grow up there in SanDiego or grow up in Philippines? Mandy's grandparents live very close to San Diego in OceanSide, CA. San Diego is a very nice area and we love to go there to visit.  We would like to live there when we retire someday. Are you going to live there after your mission is over?  We may be able to visit you after you are back from your mission.
Mandy said that you like Japanese stuff so We are thinking that we should send you some Japanese treats or something for the Christmas.  Tell what kind of Japanese things you like.
So, what do you think about Mandy?  Does she speak Tagalog O.K?  I am glad that you are her companion so, you can teach her to speak better.  And she said you are very good cook. She said she is learning to cook Filipino food from you. We are looking forward to eat Filipino food when she get back from her mission.  What is you most favorite  Filipino Dish?
How do you like to be a missionary in Philippines?  Mandy said people are very humble and nice.   We are praying that you and Mandy will see a lots of success bringing many people get closer to Jesus Christ and change their life and have a strong desire to get baptized. And also pray that you will be protected from harm and will be healthy during your mission.
We just wanted to thank you for being a good companion for Mandy it means a lot to us knowing Mandy has good missionary experience because of you!
Here is a scripture we want to share with you today about how important it is to have or be a good companion.
"Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labour.  For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow, but woe to him that is alone when he falleth, for he hath not another to help him up.  Again, if two lie together, then they have heat, but how can one be warm alone?  And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him, and a threefold rope is not quickly broken."
Ecclesiastes 4: 9-12

Sister Abonitalla we know that Lord loves you for who you are! And he is proud of you for your hard work sharing your testimony of our savior with Filipino people and people around you! We are grateful for your love and kindness and patience for our daughter Mandy.  We are blessed to know you! When you have a time, please write back to us.

Brother and Sister Elsmore :)

Adventures of Sister Elsmore 58

Mandy Elsmore <mandy.elsmore@myldsmail.net>


So this week has been another great week on the mission. Was able to concentrate fully on our area and our investigators. No splits this week. Next week though, we will be going to the province of Morong. They say its VERY PRETTY over there, so I'll try to get some pictures of it for ya'll. ;)

Worked with some AWESOME members this week! They have been showing us the area and helping us to find a lot of the less actives and former investigators. Its been great! We talked with so many people and climbed up and down so many mountains I've lost count how many Mountains I've climbed in this area! People are amazing here. Survivors talaga! (really). Here is a couple I really liked...

Sister Husayan- 
52 years old
Return Missionary
Has a limp leg from overdose of a drug to help her illness when she was in her early 20s, but still trudges up and down mountains like its nobodies business. 
Pre-School Teacher
At first when you meet her, she is kind-of intimidating, but once you get to know her, she really is nice and sincere. She makes and honest and true friend to people. 
Thing that I've learned from her is NEVER lower your standards or expectations of life. 
When she became handicapped, she questioned God. WHY did you allow this to happen to me? But a doctor told her, don't let it get you down. You are blessed that you are able to still walk after what happened. Since then, no matter what trials she faces, she always presses forward towards her goals centered on the Gospel. She wanted to Serve a mission. So she served a 18 month mission, even though it was hard for her to walk. She wanted to marry a member of the church. She waited for a long time, never lowering her standards, and finally when she was in her mid 40s she meet Francis and Recent Convert. They were later sealed in the temple. They make a power house team. ^_^
She is evidence of trusting in the Lord of his promises to those that our obedient. He will always provide a way and give strength to those who are in need. Press forward, with a eye single to the Lord. ^_^

Brother Husayan
Mid 50s
One of the nicest people you can meet. He truly conducts himself in a Christlike matter. You will be walking, then you turn around and he's talking to someone and asking how they are doing. A Less Active that we did not know, or former investigators, or people he has never meet before. He treats them all the same, with love and compassion. Made me think, this must of been kind-of how it was walking with the Savior. Apostols rushing forward, but the Savior, stopping for a brief second to show his love and support for people. 
Made me evaluate myself that I want to walk like that. There is Always enough time to show Christ-like love to all. No Matter where you are or what you are doing. :)

When one is at there lowest Point...
Taught the Taperla family with the Husayans. This family is at their breaking point. Lost their Jobs, have a new baby, a daughter in her 1st year in colledge, a son starting high school. The weight of the world is one their shoulders. They can't feel God's presence in their life and starting to lose their testimonies. We shared about Faith, Alma 32:21&41. The things to do to increase faith and what decreases our faith, with a emphasis on prayer and scripture study. Stick to the basics. Get down on your knees and plea unto the Lord with our family, until you become stable and strong. Act, even if you only just have but a desire to believe. Listen, for the voice of the Lord. Act, then see the miracles of the Lord. Patience and Diligence is a hard thing to master, but it brings the greatest satisfaction. Remember who you are, a son and daughter of God. He will not forsake his children. ^_^

My Adventures with Children...
Taught a bunch of kids how to play red light green light and duck duck goose. They LOVED it! So much, that every time they see me they want to follow me around everywhere. HA HA HA! >_< Sometimes I'm not sure what to do with them. ^_- So I just laugh and love them. 

Tried Cocoa straight from the tree! O.o SO AWESOME! Very sweet the white fiberous fruit encompassing the seeds. Then you take the seeds, sun dry them, then grind them to be cocoa. The Pendon Family (returning less actives) and Sister Abonitalla were laughing at my expressions of wonder and excitement about the whole thing of wonderfulness. I can't help it. FRUIT IS SO GOOD!

D&C 20: 7-12
This is about How the Book of Mormon was translated, What it is about, and Why we have it. All jampacked into 6 simple scriptures. ^_^ The Book of Mormon is an AMAZING book. Truly it is the word of God. Reading it brings about changes in people. I see it everyday. In others and in myself. Seeing the work of angels ministering to others from its affects. Also seeing that God truly is the Same, yesterday, today, and forever. ^_^

Sorry if this is a little scatter-brained. Many thoughts...
Love ya'll! Keep Reading your Scriptures! Praying for Ya'll!
Sister Elsmore ^_-

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Adventures of sister Elsmore 57

Mandy Elsmore <mandy.elsmore@myldsmail.net>
Sister Elsmore


Sorry for the late reply last week and if you were worried about me. I’m fine. The earthquake was very far from me and we did not physically feel the effects of it. There are many who’s families are over there. And we had no idea what really happened. People here have the tendency to overreact the smallest things, so sometimes its hard to know how bad things really are… Praying for those affected by the earthquake here and the typhoon over in Japan.
Been a busy week this week. Did not have to go on splits this week, so finally, we can concentrate on our area. We found a bunch of AWESOME investigators, who really want to be baptized in the next couple of months. Excited to help them prepare to receive such a sacred ordinance and begin their journey on the right path to our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ. Here are just a few of them who have made a big impact on me…

Tatay Elser:
He is in his 60s, Catholic and a very skilled tailor. He can just look at a picture in a magazine or a sketch and know exactly how to make it and do it in 1 day or 2. He loves detail! Loves to dissect the Book of Mormon and understand everything. He is so hungry for the gospel and just lights up when he understands something and feels the Holy Ghost. Before, he noticed in the pamphlet that most of the people in the pictures had ties. He thought that he could not come to church because he did not have a tie. After explaining to him that the House of the Lord is for everyone and it does not matter if you don’t have a tie. Just we wear our best in his house. He still searched through all his belongings and low and behold, he found a long lost tie. ^_^
 The biggest trial that he faces right now is the fact that his wife is NOT supportive of us WHATSOEVER! She is a true blue Catholic and does not like the fact that he is listening to us. He wants to learn more, be baptized, but his wife will not let him go to church. Its such a hard decision, one we cannot make for him. We are not here to break families apart, but to help them become more unified and closer to God. Closer to Christ. Never prayed so hard for a person before to feel the comfort of the Lord and know what he is to do to follow his will for him and for his family.

Raffy and Marycris:
Cute couple who have 3 children. A 3 year old, 2 year old, and a 1 month year old. ^_^ They have been a couple for 4 years now and meet missionaries a while back. They have a testimony, they just don’t have a birth certificate to be married. Nor the money to be married. They want to be baptized and they want to follow all of Gods commandments. ^_^ They just don’t know how… Lately things have changed where it is easier and more affordable for people to obtain birth certificates. We had a member with us who actually works at the NSO (government record place, forgot what it stands for) and she was able to explain to them all the steps they need to take to be married. ^_^ There are no accidents when it comes to the Lord and helping his children fulfill his will and his commandments. As it says in 1 Nephi 3:7 he will always provide a way, this couple now has hope for the future, a goal to be married and baptized on November 30th. And the faith to accomplish and follow the Lord in whatever he would require for them. ^_^

Funny Story:
Was in one of the Elders area with my District about to go out to do a service project of clearing out the mountainous jungle with machetes. We were going down this SUPER steep mountain that had been paved with concrete, but from the recent rain, was pretty slipper with the moss. Elder Bucad slips and falls. We all laugh and we continue. Elder Pincock says, “Ok, Don’t fall everyone.” Then about 5 seconds later, he slips and starts sliding on his sandals down the mountain about 5 feet, the Member we were doing the service project for tries to brace himself and stop him, but then Elder Pincock, being quite a lot taller than him, takes him out and they start sliding down the mountain together and his companion a little ways ahead gets taken out as well. They stop… Everyone is silent for a couple of seconds. Then we all start laughing.
(Yes, Mom and Dad, I used a machete and did not die or lose any limbs. The Lords protection is real. ^_-)

Thought: (perhaps a bit interpretive of me...don't take this as doctrine.)
In Matthew 11 or 12, I can't remember where, last verses, talks about the yoke of the lord is light. Give him your burden, for it is easy. In the Savior, we find rest. It made me think that with a yoke, we are pulling along with the Savior, in order to be able to move forward, we need to be in harmony with his will, and act in synch with him, or pulling our burdens becomes harder. If we are trying to do it on our own, we hardly go anywhere. We cannot expect the Lord to do it all for us either, but together with him, our burden is made light. And we can progress. Just like two oxen at the front of a cart. 

Depend on the Savior and let him help you through life challenges. It will be a lot easier to endure until the day where we reach ultimate peace and happiness. ^_^

Praying for ya'll! Love Ya'll!
Sister Elsmore

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Philippines Quezon City Mission under our new MISSION PRESIDENT: President Carlos G. Revillo


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The Quezon City Mission is a small but diverse mission of bustling cities and quaint provincial towns. The LDS church is actively growing in Quezon City and the missionaries are a welcome part of any community. Filipinos are a happy–go–lucky, fun–loving people that have a high regard for family.


If you are serving in the Quezon City Mission, expect to be very busy. The work in the here is very active and you can expect to have high involvement from the local members. There are currently 11 stakes and 4 districts in the mission, which was split in 2011. At times the Quezon City mission has been the highest baptizing mission in the Philippines and within the top five in the world.
Missionaries focus on member involvement by asking for referrals to teach non-members, inviting them to attend lessons, and inviting them to fellowship after baptism. Since there are many less-active members, they should be of particular interest to missionaries and members who want to build their wards and branches and help the lives of those in need.
The Manila Philippines temple and Presiding Bishopric’s Office is located in the mission boundaries, allowing you to attend the temple regularly. This is a real blessing for the missionaries and the members. Some missionaries have seen converts continue in progression all the way to being sealed in the temple and have been able to attend those ordinances while still serving.

Manila Philippines Temple. Image courtesy of MormonNewsRoom.ph
STAKES: Antipolo, Antipolo, Caloocan, Fairview, Malolos, Marikina, Montalban, Novaliches, Quezon City, Quezon City South, Taytay, Valenzuela
DISTRICTS: Baliwag, Morong, San Jose Del Monte, San Jose Mindoro Philippines Occidental


Chicken Adobo and rice is a delicious and frequently enjoyed dish. Image courtesy of SFWeekly.
Filipino food consistently includes steamed rice and “ulam” (entree) as a topping. Other interesting dishes include, “lechon baboy” (roasted pig), “pansit” (noodles), and “balut” (fertilized steamed duck egg). For days when balut is too frightening for you, Quezon City is packed with a diverse range of American restaurants that you will recognize including McDonalds.


Jeepneys are a primary form of transportation in Quezon City.
Missionaries travel using public transportation including jeepneys, buses, taxis, trikes and pedal bikes. You will enjoy learning the language and actions needed to get around using this low–cost transportation system, for example, if you are sitting at the back of a jeepney, riders will pass your money up to the driver when you tap the roof of the jeepney with your coin and shout, “Bayad po” (payment sir). You can also expect to do a lot of walking in remote and residential areas.


Quezon City is a busy metropolis in some areas and very provincial in others. Crime is moderate to low in most areas. Missionaries should be most careful about petty theft.


"Mano," a tradition for showing respect in the Philippines.
“Mano,” a tradition for showing respect in the Philippines. By Mommysaurus75 on Flikr
When meeting someone of prominence or who is older than you, it is appropriate to show respect with a gesture called, “Mano Po.” It is performed by taking the person’s hand and placing the back side of their hand on your forehead while slightly bowing. Filipino’s find it especially fun when americans perform this custom.


“Kumusta Po Kayo?” – How are you? (with respect)
“Ingat.” – Take care (Often used as a parting goodbye)
“Magandang gabi.” – Good night.


Suit coats are rarely if never worn during your mission. In the past your suit was left in storage at the mission home for the whole duration of your mission.
Wear quality shoes. You will be walking everywhere. Your shoes should also be able to endure flooding during typhoon season.
Umbrellas are optional. It depends on your preference. Many missionaries just brave the rain along with the locals. Females usually use umbrellas. Umbrellas can be purchased at the local “palenke” (open market).
Most silk ties shrivel up in the humidity. Use ties with fabric blends.
Light weight sheets and a pillow case is all you will need for bedding. Bring sheets that are good quality but are also very cool to sleep in.
Small hand sanitizer bottles are essential to pack and use constantly. You can find these at local drugstores in the mission.
Bring a small, lightweight proselyting bag. While proselyting, you will only be bringing small Books of Mormon and a few other items. A “fanny pack” style bag that has a shoulder strap and a waist strap is a very good option.
waist pack

Flag of Philippines Quezon City Mission


 President Carlos G. Revillo
Aurora Blvd. Corner
J.P. Rizal St. Project 4
, Cubao 1109 Quezon City
Metro Manila
 Catholic, LDS, Protestant, Iglesia Ni Cristo, Islam
 Tropical, 65º–95º F ave, high humidity, Jun–Nov typhoon season
 Antipolo, Cainta, Caloocan, Rizal, Quezon City, Marikina, Novaliches, Valenzuela,


*What items were hard to get or not available?Decent deodorant and hair products, maple syrup, real milk.
*What did you eat the most of?
“Rice with chicken, beef or pork. Lots of Filipino brand Ramen and Tang. Members would feed you Skyflakes(saltine crackers) and Sprite for a snack almost every time you visit.”
What is the craziest thing you ate?
“Balut is pretty crazy. I also ate bayawak(monitor lizard) once.”
*What was most surprising about the culture“How much Filipinos really love americans, billiards, boxing and karaoke. Also be careful when you compliment Filipinos on their possessions, they are so giving that they might literally give you the shirt off their back. ”
*What advice would you give to someone going to the Quezon City Mission?
“Teaching and baptizing is almost too easy. Be sure to truly build the church by teaching potential priesthood holders, constantly involving the members, and helping less-actives.”
*What do you wish you had known before you served?
“How to fearlessly bear your testimony and a commit people with complete trust that the Spirit will convince them to change.”


Church Expresses Love and Support Following Earthquake in the Philippines


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints issued the following statement today following the earthquake in the Philippines:
“We extend our prayers and love to the people of the Philippines as they seek to assess the damage from the recent earthquake and care for the individuals and families affected by this tragedy. We are especially mindful of those who are injured or who have lost loved ones.
“Church leaders are working with local officials to identify and address local needs. All missionaries of the Church serving in this region are safe and accounted for. Several member homes have been destroyed or damaged, and some Church buildings have sustained minor damage from the quake.”
AP/ October 15, 2013, 10:07 PM

Death toll from Philippine earthquake tops 100

This Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013, photo shows a collapsed building in Bohol after a 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck the central Philippines.
This Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013, photo shows a collapsed building in Bohol after a 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck the central Philippines. / AP PHOTO/STR
CEBU, PHILIPPINESThe death toll from a 7.2-magnitude earthquake that struck the central Philippine island of Bohol reached 110 Wednesday with only three people pulled alive from rubble.
The three were rescued in nearby Cebu province hours after Tuesday's quake shattered office buildings and homes and caused many centuries-old churches to crumble.
In Bohol, the quake's epicenter, rescuers counted 100 dead, said regional military commander Lt. Gen. Roy Deveraturda. Cebu reported nine fatalities, and one died on another island.
There seems little hope of finding any large number of survivors from beneath the rubble of leveled buildings, homes and churches.
The bell of Basilica of the Holy Child lies amid the rubble following a 7.2-magnitude earthquake that hit Cebu city in central Philippines and toppled the bell tower of the Philippines&#39; oldest church Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013.
The bell of Basilica of the Holy Child lies amid the rubble following a 7.2-magnitude earthquake that hit Cebu city in central Philippines and toppled the bell tower of the Philippines' oldest church Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013. 
The small coastal town of Loon reported 20 fatalities, the highest in Bohol, including those buried in a hospital and a church.
Many roads and bridges were damaged, making rescue operations difficult. But historic churches dating from the Spanish colonial period suffered the most. The country's oldest, the 16th-century Basilica of the Holy Child in Cebu, lost its bell tower.
Nearly half of a 17th-century limestone church in Loboc town, southwest of Carmen, was reduced to rubble, as was the largest church on the island in Loon town, where three worshippers were buried alive.
The entire province was without electricity after the quake cut power supplies.
Authorities set up tents for those displaced by the quake, while others who lost their homes moved in with their relatives, Bohol Gov. Edgardo Chatto said.
Extensive damage also hit densely populated Cebu city, across a narrow strait from Bohol, causing deaths when a building in the port and the roof of a market area collapsed.
The quake set off two stampedes in nearby cities. When it struck, people gathered in a gym in Cebu rushed outside in a panic, crushing five people to death and injuring eight others, said Neil Sanchez, provincial disaster management officer.
"We ran out of the building, and outside, we hugged trees because the tremors were so strong," said Vilma Yorong, a provincial government employee in Bohol.
"When the shaking stopped, I ran to the street and there I saw several injured people. Some were saying their church has collapsed," she told The Associated Press by phone.
Offices and schools were closed for a national holiday - the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha - which may have saved lives.
Patients stay outside a hospital to avoid aftershocks following a 7.2-magnitude earthquake that hit Cebu city in central Philippines, Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013.
Patients stay outside a hospital to avoid aftershocks following a 7.2-magnitude earthquake that hit Cebu city in the central Philippines on Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013. 
Aledel Cuizon said the quake that caught her in her bedroom sounded like "a huge truck that was approaching and the rumbling sound grew louder as it got closer."
She and her neighbors ran outside, where she saw concrete electric poles "swaying like coconut trees." It lasted 15-20 seconds, she said.
Cebu province, about 350 miles south of Manila, has a population of more than 2.6 million people. Cebu is the second largest city after Manila. Nearby Bohol has 1.2 million people and is popular among foreigners because of its beach and island resorts and famed Chocolate Hills.
The Philippine archipelago is located in the Pacific "Ring of Fire," where earthquakes and volcanic activity are common. A magnitude-7.7 quake killed nearly 2,000 people on the northern island of Luzon in 1990.
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Adventures of Sister Elsmore 56

Mandy Elsmore <mandy.elsmore@myldsmail.net>

Sister Elsmore


Sorry for the late email, Temple days have been moved to Wednesdays now here because of too many people going on Monday and Tuesday. YAY! THATS AWESOME! Its worth the wait of another day for P-day. 

This past week was AWESOME! (don't think I'm going to do it justice in this letter...)

I was able to go back to my first area in Antipolo and go on splits with my anaks (child, our word for trainee), Sister Velasco and Sister Dowe. ^_^ They have both improved so much and the area is starting to improve. Before, 60ish people would come to church on a good day, and now there is over 100!!! YAY YAY YAY!!! ^_^ I may be biased, but my anak are the best! They are just inherently awesome! ;) Its really funny, because in my absence, Sister Velasco and Sister Dowe have become more and more like me apparently. They do and say the same kind of things I do. HA HA HA! Cooking, Saying Grabbe or Anako all the time, Laughing at Random things in life, etc... Is this what raising children is like? O.o Anyway, I'm super proud of them and the work that they are doing. ^_^

When I get tired, or just get over a super stressful point in my life, I become SUPER forgetful. I start forgetting random things at home like the phone, pens, pamphlets, etc... I thik this time of my life has been probably the most absentminded I've ever been in my life. (If you can imagine that Mom and Dad). Trying to figure out different techniques to fix this... proving to be harder that I thought... Oh well, I'll keep working on it. 

Random Tender Mercies:
Rode a Train in the Philippines for the first time today. Like Japan, except a lot more run down and dirty. Did not realize how much I've loved and missed trains. 
Raining just enough to cool the air, but not enough to flood. ^_^

General Conference was SO GREAT! 
All of my questions were answered and what President Monson said about this conference being the most inspired general conference to come, I would have to agree on that. I learned so much from each talk and felt more inspired to become more converted and keep striving to improve myself by following all of Gods commandments. Developing Godly Habits. 

I really liked Elder Russell M Nelson's Talk about how our decisions determines our destiny. The little things may seem like they don'd make a different or impact, but as a whole, they all add up and determine what type of person we have become. Also that no matter where we are in life, its never too late to change, learn, and grow. As children of God, we have the glorious gifts of having a body and a spirit, and Its our responsibility to take care of them. 
Something that I need to improve on, because sometimes I get so caught up in the work, I forget that I need to take care of myself as well. Our bodies has an effect on our spirits and our spirits have an effect on our bodies. 
Exhaustion & Poor Health=Stress & Depression O.o
Figuring out little by little where is the balance in life and what is most important to me and how to accomplish them hand in hand with God. Its hard sometimes, but just be patient and he'll always be there to lift us up. We will find we reached greater heights than we thought we did...

Anyway, I can't wait for the next issue of the Ensign to come out so I can reread the talks and mark them up. ^_^ For now, I'll just read them online. I have a lot of evaluating of my life to do. 

Love Ya'll! Praying for Ya'll!
Sister Elsmore

Monday, October 7, 2013

Adventures of Sister Elsmore 55

Mandy Elsmore <mandy.elsmore@myldsmail.net>

Sister Elsmore


First off, seems to have been some miss understanding about the emailing thing. HA HA HA! Is is my fault for saying I have little time and not writing much. Let me clarify...

I have 2 hours of email time to write ya'll and my president. You can write me as much or a little as you want. It does not really effect my time (the only things that do are not giving ourselves time to email for 2 hours), because I print out all your letters each week and read them. I may not be able to reply back to you right away, but I promise, I will ALWAYS reply back to a letter. ^_^

So this week has been a eventful and fun week. Went on splits with some sisters in San Isidro and we had a lot of fun trying to find new investigators. ^_^ We tried some different things to be creative. Like buying flowers from a woman and talking to her about what we do. Then giving to the flowers to people looking depressed in bored outside of a medical center. Buying ice-cream, walking around the park, buying from tindahans (a kinda like mini self run store people have in their homes. Sell snacks and things.) and talking with people. 

Something that I've learned is that the best thing to do to find new people to teach and who are truly interested is just be honest. People kinda-of have a idea what you are doing, you just have to approach them with a smile, be friendly, yourself and once they feel comfortable with you, invite the spirit into the conversation and testify of the truth. Its really incredible to be able to feel the spirit work through you and touch the hearts in no matter where you are. Sharing the gospel is awesome!

Had a Missionary Leadership Coordination Meeting with President Revillo and Sister Revillo. Its a great opportunity to bounce ideas off each other with the Zone Leaders on how to improve the mission and what goals we should set that are Realistic but will help us stretch and grow. Then sustain each other with the Spirit. We really are blessed to have Sister and President Revillo here. They are still learning the ways of the ropes, but they have powerful testimonies and love the gospel, us missionaries and God. They really want to help us progress in this work and to be completely converted unto the Lord. 

Scripture: 2 Kings 5:12-15
I like the story of Naaman, because sometimes we feel like either commandments or rules are inconvenient and we don't know why we should do it. Or sometimes we feel that repentance is harder than it really is, but the Lord knows what we need best. If we follow the counsel of his chosen ones, humble ourselves, be exactly obedient, we can be cleansed, our faith will increase, and we will know God. ^_^

Funny Story:
Was cleaning the cupboards this morning and it was REALLY Scary what I found in them. O.o Lots of carnage of ipis (cockroaches) and other mysterious insects. Anyway, open the next one and this butiki (gecko) about 3 or 4 inches jumps out of the cupboard. I may or may not have screamed a little, took a step back to avoid it from falling on my head, and we both stare at each other for about 3 seconds and it runs back up the wall, back into the cupboard. 
Oh the Philippines. ^_-

Well, Love ya lots! Praying for Ya! Hope ya'll enjoyed General Conference, we will watch it this weekend. ^_^ 

Sister Elsmore

PS: Sorry if I sent you all pictures of my companion crossing a river. HA HA HA! meant to forward it to Sister Abonitalla, and then I ended up forwarding it all to you. HA HA HA! I'm so bad with technology. :P

Crossing a bamboo bridge in our area. ^_^ My companion took this of me.