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Adventures of Sister Elsmore 5

From: Mandy Elsmore 

Date: October 23, 2012 5:54:35 PM CDT

Hi Family!

I read some of D&C 84. I did not get to finish it though, but I definately had some AH HA!!! moments reading it and going to the temple today. Thanks Dad for the suggestion. I'll have to read it again and plan more time for myself to pnder over it. probably on Sunday. :) Its times like these that you wish there were more time in the day ( or planned out more time in the day) to read scriptures. There is so much to learn spiritually in all the scriptures. Learning to have a increased love for them. I'd have to say personal study time is my favorite part of the day. Studying for the purpose of trying to bring your investigator closer to God, and also being edified yourself. It's fabulous. Something I will hvae to make sure I keep doing for the rest of my life. Time devoted to the Lord everyday to learn and to grow closer to him. ^_^

To answer mom's quesion... We had Elder Bednar come and speak to us on 10/9. He talked about the importance of developing a way to study the words of the prophets. (Which reminds me, missionaries in the MTC don't get the Ensign. Why? I have no idea, but it seems kind-of silly that we don't get it here. We preach about having modern day revelation, but don't have accesses to the talks unless we go on the internet (which is like never.) HA HA HA. Oh well, I'll stop ranting. Hopefully we get the Liahona in the Philippines.) 
Tips from him- find the doctrine, invitation, & promised blessing from the talk and apply it to YOU!

In Relief Society we had President Lindon Burton on 10/14 also talked about the ways to evaluate conference. The purpose of relief society. That women and men are like complementary colors. They bring out the other when they are next to each other. We are the hands that help on another and the Lord helps us with this.

Ann M. Dibb (2nd Counselor of YW and President Monson's daughter) spoke on Sunday. Also I got to meet here in person for a few minutes afterward. She is so much like her father. ^_^ Learned that President Monson had 4 chickens. ^_^ She went through a lot of stories about different principles of the gospel. She told me and my companions that we will mainly be going out and re-converting the inactive members. There are a lot in the Philippines. She said, "Missionaries who come back there often say that from their experience they never want to fall away from the church and have someone have to come and rescue them." I'll make that goal now. 

A re-accuring theme though in their devotional talks and others is that we have to step it up. Since the age limit has changed, there will be and is a increase in outgoing missionaries. (the rumor is there is the same amount or more girls putting in their papers now than guys.) Which means the demand for trainers goes up. We will most likely be training the incoming missionaries after 3 months in the field. Thats when they will first arrive throughout the world. (start in the MTC January. Get to the Philippines in February.) SO CRAZY!!! I'm excited that the lord trusts us missionaries enough to train others after such a short amount of time. I am determined to not let him down. if we keep doing our best and relay on the lord, he will take care of the rest. ^_^

Not sure about the whole Facebook photo thing yet. I referred Sam to the MTC missionaries and they Facebook/ emailed her. I have not heard yet whether or not she is talking to them or not. As for my emails, if you r could send them to me viva mail (printed out), that would be great! Have not got in contact with my mission president in the Philippines about that yet. So for now, better safe than sorry. 

As for the mission shrine, you should have clap on lights. ;) jk. Also thank you for the coupons. They were hilarious. My zone had a good laugh about it. 
Fun things done here. Played Soccer yesterday. We gathered enough girls to outnumber the guys so we got the field. HA HA HA! It was awesome. I have not played soccer in a while. Probably be the only time we get to do that here at the MTC. (many female missionaries are leaving next Monday.)
Well, still working hard. I've enjoyed your letters. Don't worry, I'm balancing out the work load quite well and enjoying myself in the MTC. I love you all!

Sister Mandy Elsmore

PS: If your thinking about sending me food. DON'T!!!! We have so much snacks and candies from my companions for Halloween its ridiculous. Send stickers or drawings or somthing not ediable if you must send something. HA HA HA! 

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