Sunday, February 24, 2013

Adventures of Mandy Elsmore 16

From: Mandy Elsmore 
Date: January 13, 2013 10:21:15 PM CST

Kumusta Family and Friends!

This week was hard, but we saw the blessings of the Lord when you work hard, be obedient, and act on faith. This whole last week, Sister Christensen and I have been punted at almost every single house we went to. I'm not sure if its because Sister Ramilo and Sister Sojor are gone and its just me. Or if its just because of the New Year people's schedule are changing. Many Less Actives that I taught before last transfer don't really want to listen to us anymore. So, after trying every single house that I knew to teach, we went tracking. Walking around all day everyday tracking. On Friday was one of the harder days. It was pouring rain and we were in a very wealthy neighborhood, where its Bawal (forbidden) to solicit. Finding that the less active was not home we felt like we needed to track in the area until our next appointment. We walked and walked, praying that someone would be outside their house so we could talk to them. Finally, we see this old man standing in the rain without a umbrella outside his house. We go up and talk to him and his daughter comes out and invites us in. Their whole family has been searching for the truth in many religions and have listened to many different missionaries of different faiths. This was their first time meeting LDS members (aka Mormons). We taught the whole family and they were very receptive. Had many questions and want to know more, even come to church sometime. :) It was just one of those times where you think to yourself afterwards, yes, this is why I'm here. To bring joy to people's homes by inviting them to come unto Christ. Also, that God really does lead us missionaries to his children who are searching how to become closer to him together with their families, through the Holy Ghost. It was a awesome experience. :)

This week my goal is to strengthen and incorporate the Christlike attribute of Hope into my life. To trust the Lord more and expect blessings and miracles to occur as I act on faith and be obedient. With hope, I know I can become more confident. I will not doubt or have fear with a hope of becoming a better missionary for the Lord and his children here in the Philippines.  Taking one day at a time, improving little by little, and having patience with weaknesses. I know through the gospel and through Christ's Atonement I can become more that I can possibly imagine, and hopefully, help other's to see this as well in their lives. 

Sister Christensen has allergies to wheat and milk. So we do not eat meals together. However, we have been making refrigerator fudge with coconut oil, cocoa, and sugar. She says that I've saved her life with this stuff. HA HA HA! We are starting to get along with each other. Its weird to be in a house with just one other person... But I'm getting used to it. She is very quiet, and shy, but we have a lot of things in common. Likes and opinions about things. I'll keep trying to open up more to her and have more fun. It's weird to feel like I've forgotten how to just have fun sometimes. O~o 

Anyway, Love ya All. Thank you for the support and letters. ^_^ 
Sister Elsmore

PS: Shout out to Becky and Loren. Your picture made me laugh. 

Pictures:YAY! 1) Temple lighting with my favorite family- Narciso children. Found out latter it was Bawal to be so close to the statues. Oops.

2) One of the Streets in my area.
3) Not sure what this mountain's name is

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