Sunday, February 24, 2013

Adventures of Sister Elsmore 2

From: Mandy Elsmore 

Date: October 2, 2012 5:14:31 PM CDT

Dear Family,

I have got your letters. Thank you for sending them. They made my day. My PD is on Tuesday. That is when I shall write you guys. ^_^

Surprisingly, it has not been too stressful here in the MTC. I'm realizing more and more the experiences that I have had this past year have help prepared me in being here in the Mtc. I am extremely graiteful to Heavenly Father for helping me prepare for this. There is still a lot for me to learn and its not like I don't have my weaknesses; however, I'm starting to see and realize the hand of the Lord in my life. Which I shall be forever graiteful for.

A weakness I have is in teaching. I lack the confidence to open my mouth and share insights. I want to plan it out. What I'm going to say. However, it is forcing me to rely more on the Lord and strengthen my relationship with him. Also to increase my knowledge of this Gospel. I shall follow the counsel given by Robert P. Swenson (MTC Frieside). "If you are prepared, ye shall not be afraid. Preach My Gospel will prepare you to not be afraid. Preach my Gospel will prepare you to not be afraid. Study, know, believe and love what you study. You will be successful." I think this can be applied to anything in life. If you strive and do your hardest, you can overcome anything with the lords help. I shall study the gospel and the doctrine of Christ and rely on the Lord to help me know what I am to say to investigators to hear. I will work hard to get to this point.  

Another thing that was challenged was that we write down quesions we had, and pray to the Lord for answers through the Prophet and Apostols on General Conference. It brings together families and strengthens the realationship we have with the Lord. It increases our faith that there is a true prophet on the Earth today. I'm going to try it. You should write quesions as a family as well. ^_-

Stories of the Week

So we got a "investigator on our 3rd day here. Well we got a video response of him talking about how he felt; however, IT WAS IN ENGLISH!!! Everyone in my district after that thought that he is a member and that he will probably become our second teacher. All except for Sister Campbell. She insisted that he was still a investigator and that he just knows English. The next day, our new teacher walks in and low and behold its our "investigator." Sis. Campbell screams "NOOOOOOO!!!!!" over and over again. It was hilarious. Our whole floor heard it. ^_^

Another funny story,
Brother Roxas (investigator teacher) was going around interviewing each of us. When he got to me he says, "Before we begin I have an important quesion. Me,"ok..." bro. Roxas, "Do you have a photographic memory?" I laughed so hard I was leaning over my desk. I have not laughted that hard in a long time it seems. It felt good, but it was weird to realize I have not been laughing since coming here. Not fully that is. I told him, "No, I just work hard. REALLY hard." I made it a goal to not use any notes during lessons. Which forces me to memorize like crazy and figure out how the grammar works. He was impressed on how much I can say and how much I have on the grasp of the language. I am graiteful to God for blessing me with the gift of tongues right now. I shall not let him down and keep working hard and learn this language so that I may gain the respect of the Filipino people and be able to communicate and listen to their needs. 

Thank you for the scriptures. They have helped. No more time. Will write again. <3 you all. ^_^

Sister Mandy Elsmore

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