Monday, January 6, 2014

Adventures of Sister Elsmore 67

Mandy Elsmore <>


To start, going to answer some questions:

   Did you wear any Polk a dots?
Nope ^_^ Unfortunately don't have any.

   Does it have to be certain color Polk a dots?
There is no specific color for polka dots that you have to wear on New Years. In Philippines, nothing is REALLY standardized. 

   Are Cockroaches a common thing? Do you have them in your Apartment.
Yes. They are ALL OVER! Yup they are in our Apartment sometimes. In fact, I killed one last night at 2AM, had to whack at it 3 times before it finally died. O.o Pretty sure it was a zombie ipis...

You might be wondering, why was Sister Elsmore up at 2AM? Well, I'm sick with the trunky virus. T_T Just a really bad cold. Nothing to worry about though. I'm still kicking and killing ipis. ^_-

Oh, and I'm having weird dreams again and sleep talking more often. (not sure if its because of my Trunky virus) My favorite dream was that I was a balut gourmet chief. Did not think that my mind could think of so many different ways to prepare balut. O.o ^_-

SO, I was text ting and walking (not a good idea by the way) and my companion, Sister Pope was in front of me. A tricycle was coming to the left of us, to my companion steps to the right and I follow her; however, what I failed to see was that there was a gutter to the right of us. My companion stepped on the covered part, but I fell straight into the 3 ft deep gutter with nasty trash filled water and I don't want to know what else (side note, I've always wondered what it would be like to fall in one of these gutters. Now I know). O.o miraculously, with my excellent falling abilities I only got a bruise on my knee and my legs were only muddy. none on my skirt. YES!!!! Super Blessing! My companion and I have had a good laugh about it this whole week. ^_^ 

Miracle of Life and Trials

So yesterday we were teaching one of my favorite investigators, Elmer Flores. He is 42 years old and has been separated from his wife and 2 kids for 3 years now. He's super funny and really receptive to the gospel. He has a drinking problem and smoking addiction, but since we have been teaching him, little by little he has been striving to stop drinking and smoking. Instead of every day, he only drinks on occasion with friends, and usually only a few shots now. We have not even taught him about the Word of Wisdom yet. Its just awesome the change that naturally happens in people when they let the spirit work through them. ^_^

Anyway, we were teaching him part of the plan of salvation about the creation and Adam and Eve. At first he thought it was a bad thing that Adam and Eve ate the fruit because of sin and bad things came upon the earth. But after answering his questions from his reading in 2 Nephi 2, he was like. OK, never-mind, it was a good thing they ate the fruit so we could come here. We also talked about verse 15 opposition in all things.

Just made me think how trials, the purpose for them is for us to show our love and devotion to God. To learn the good from the bad. To acquire more Christ-like attributes from them if we let them work through us. 

If we have felt offended, we have the opportunity to learn compassion and incorporate mercy into our hearts.
If we have felt hungry, we learn self mastery of body and mind
If we have doubts or fears, we learn to have faith
If we experience weakness, failure, or humiliation, we learn to be more humble
And so many other things learned through life's challenges...

It just all depends on our outlook on life. There is always a silver lining. Always something good we can learn from all situations and circumstances. Makes me think that I need to be more grateful for trials in life. Rather than questioning God, or murmuring, think, OK Lord, What do you want me to learn from this. What would ye have me do? Then muster up what little courage that I have and take the next step forward. 

Doesn't mean we always have to be smiling. We are human, and life is hard sometimes. Its OK to feel hurt, afraid, anger, to be unmotivated, etc.... What matters is what do we do about these feelings and experiences. Do we let them consume us, or do we decide to change them with the Atonement of Jesus Christ, learn, grow, and move on with life, drawing a little bit closer to heaven. 

Desire starts in the mind. We choose we want to do it. Then our heart follows. 

Elmer is evidence of this. He told us last night that he wants to change. He has decided whatever it takes he will change. Little by little step by step. He wants to devote his life to God. Because he has faith that his life will be better with the gospel and following Christ. And one day return to live with him. 
It was AWESOME to hear his desires, see his change of heart.
He will be baptized on March 1. ^_^
He is willing to do whatever it takes to be worthy.

Well thanks for the letters. Sorry I wrote a novel again. Thanks for the Prayers! Support! Love! I feel them everyday. ^_^

Love Y'all! Praying for Y'all,
Sister Elsmore ^_-

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