Sunday, January 19, 2014

Adventures of Sister Elsmore 69

Mandy Elsmore <>


1st off. Thank you so much for the prayers, encouragement and love. I have felt them particularly this week and I am very grateful for each and everyone of you. 

I have some sad, but at the same time perhaps happy news. I'm coming home next week. Yup, preparations are being made for me to fly out on Jan 29, 2014. After much pondering and prayer, I know that God wants me to come home. I've learned that he does not get illness for no reason, especially on a mission. I have received comfort in knowing that I've tried my best and gave EVER bit of energy that I have to this work. Its made me appreciate and love the gospel more. Without it, I could not have lasted this long. Now, he's told me that he's proud of me, and that I should/ need to take a rest. 

I'm a little sad, but at the same time, I know its the Lords work, and I will follow whatever he will have me to do. Even if it means coming home a little bit early. 

Anyway, I'm excited to see you all face to face. :) Know that I will give it my all this week!!! >_<

Anyway, enough of that already...
This past week has been quite eventful! 

Don't let the bed bugs bite....
So pretty much, bed bugs are like the second worst bug on this planet. 1st is ipis (cockroaches). Sister Pope and I were invaded by some and trust me. It was not a pleasant experience. T_T I have not washed so many clothes/ sheets/ curtains, by hand all at once in my ENTIRE life! (Have gained a stronger appreciation for laundry machines) I hope I NEVER go through that experience again. YUCK! GROSS!!! >~< However we did spray EVERYTHING with permithern and jumped on our mattresses several times to make sure we REALLY OBLITERATED all of them. We may have enjoyed it more than we should have. ^_-

Being in the Shoes of Lucifer
So at Zone Interviews, the AP (Assistants to President) said that they had a letter for us missionaries. They picked me to be the one that read it out loud (think its because I'm going home, but the APs, President, and my companion and kabahays are the only ones that know). I was the only one that knew who the letter was from. MUAH HA HA HA! So I had fun reading it, then announcing at the end "Sincerely, Satan."

It was interesting to act the part of Satan though. Gave me a whole different perspective. How sly and how deceptive he is. Giving encouragement and false justification for sin and for doing what WE want to do, because we deserve it or how following rules or being nice to companions we don't like is lame or not worth it. Feeding our desire to be pitied, be more annoyed/ angry, and lose the spirit. 
He's really smart.
But God is Smarter!
And he can NEVER win if we continue to listen to the lord, act in faith and keep our covenants. 

Companionship Unity
So Sister Pope is probably one of the Greatest people on this planet. She is just SO DANG GOOD!!! Really, she does so much for me I don't even know how to start. ^_^ We enjoy supporting each other in the work. For example. Sister Pope was going to give the closing prayer starts....
Ama po namin na sa lang-----ACHOOOOOO!!!! 
She and the family we were with were laughing so hard that she could not continue to pray, so I prayed for her. ^_^
But really, its nice to have a companion that no matter where you on in the lesson, you can back each other up because you have enough trust and love for each other. Unified in the work and with the Spirit. ^_^ 

Lead in all things
We got a referral from the office and the address was just a street. So we went to the street and started asking around if they knew the person we were looking for. None knew her. THE STREET WAS HUGE!!!! We did not even get to walk to the end of it. O.o This one mother, Gie, very nice by the way, said we should ask this one family because they know a lot of people. She sent us with her 8 year old son Yoyong to the house. The couple, Leopoldo and Prezy were SUPER nice! Gave us a few more suggestions how to find the person, and after talking with them a bit, they let us into their house. Leopoldo has been in a car accident 2 time. Has had near death experiences but loves the Lord with all his heart. Says he has a fear of the Lord and knows the power of prayer. ^_^ Even though he can hardly walk anymore. He's lost his job because of his lame leg. He still has a positive attitude about life. He knows when to laugh and when to be serious. ^_^ Spirit was SO strong during that lesson as we testified of Gods love for us and the blessings which come through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. :) Said, "Sisters, probably, it was not a accident that you came here. I think God sent you here to me and my wife so that we could learn more the Word of God."
They were both excited to learn more about Mormons and over and over again through the lesson thanked us for being there.
There truly are people out there searching for the truth and being prepared by God.
We just have to pray for missionary experiences, search for them, and act in faith that God will lead us to them. ^_^

I need a HERO!
Talked with MaryGrace, a former investigator. She is still interested, just SUPER busy with her thesis for Psychology. They are doing a study to help boost peoples confidence. There are a lot of people out there, especially teenagers and young adults who have a inferiority complex due to the media. They always compare themselves to unrealistic idols. O.o They work with teens and help them gain a new hero or role model in their lives and help them gain self worth and confidence. It was a interesting conversation, one where Sister Pope and I could relate a lot to. Our work a missionaries is a lot similar. Its amazing to see the growth and change in a person as they gain confidence and self worth as they gain a testimony that God, is their Heavenly Father and they are literally their Spiritual Children. Through following commandments, they feel the spirit and satisfaction in their lives. They become hungry to follow more of Gods commandments and they accept Jesus Christ as their savior and feel the miracle of change in their lives as they use the healing balm of the atonement.  Its Amazing Process. Stressful at times yes, but so rewarding to see. ^_^ Jesus Christ is the Ultimate Hero!

So Grateful to be a missionary. Grateful for the Atonement and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know the church is true. God lives! Jesus Christ, His son Lives! And because of this, life is beautiful. ^_^

Love you all! Praying for Each of you!

Sister Elsmore

PS: Not sure if this is my last letter or not.... Hmm.... Weird thought.... 

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