Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Adventure of Sister Elsmore 66

Mandy Elsmore <mandy.elsmore@myldsmail.net>


Lets see...

Christmas was fun. SO MUCH FOOD! I'm pretty sure I gained like 5 kilos (10 ish lbs). O.o HA HA HA! But is was so worth it. Filipinos are SO good at cooking. And when they cook, they cook a LOT! So feasting all day, every appointment. And Filipinos don't take no for a answer when it comes to offering food. ^_-

Also, its been really nice to hear different gifts people would give to Christ for Christmas.

Food ^_^ (Nanay with Alzheimer  said this. Her Sister was like, "Jesus doesn't need food, he wants us to show our faith." Nanay... "Hmm... that too along with FOOD!!! Got to love the elderly. ^_-)
Going to church
Remembering him
Reading Scriptures more
Sharing the Gospel with Friends

Traditional things they do here for New Years:
Wear red with poka-dots
Wear zodiac bracelets which match with the year. 2014 will be the horse. MY YEAR! >_< Super lucky if you wear horse things next year.
Put up huge statures of horses in your home
Eat Tahoy (cant remember if this is what its called... get back to you on this), its like a Chinese rich cake dessert which you fry in eggs and brown sugar. Super good. 
Have lucky plants (lucky because they are REALLY hard to kill. ^_-)
Blast a million fire works. >_< (was walking and a couple a kids lit one RIGHT in front of their house which bounced straight up onto their roof. Luckily it went out right away. Figured that's another reason why everyone has tin roofs. ^_-) 

Slaying more Ipis:
I killed a cockroach in the middle of a lesson. It was just running around in front of us and a Total distraction, so I grabbed the nearest slipper and asked if it was ok if I used it to kill the beast and they said it was fine. SO I slapped that thing with a loud SLAP!!! It was twitching and we thought it was dead. But after the prayer, the cockroach started to make a run for it. The investigator, Joe, grabs the alcohol and doses it with it. Note for the future... Alcohol super effective in killing ipis. (roaches). Joe ,"Now we just light it on fire." HA HA HA! jk. :)

Helpful tip...for mosquitoes:
Put Vicks, Vaporub on it. It stops the iching and gives a cooling effect. Super awesome! 

Oh, last Saturday, both me and Sister Pope were home sick. We read through old letters together and had a good laugh and good food for thought from your spiritual insights. Thanks you all again for the letters and the support and laughs. Each and everyone of you are amazing and a inspiration! ^_^

Watched this last week the Mormon Messages on Daily Bread and Patterns of Light and it has been a inspiration to me. Made me understand the importance of little steps in life. Sometimes, even though we want to see the big picture, God just gives us a little taste or just enough knowledge and strength to move forward. Because we have agency. God has taught us correct principles and expects us to make our own choices. This life is all about walking by faith, not by sight. We are never alone though.
Makes me want to meditate on what at the little steps in life I need to take this next year. And little by little learn to work at to the ultimate goal of eternal life. I want to be better. I want to keep living, growing, loving life and the gospel. With little goals, I think I'll learn to have a better direction in my life and greater patience for results. ^_^ Sana (hopefully) ^_-

Hope you all have a great New Year and Gain Some good achievable goals that make you stretch and become more like Christ. ^_-

Love Y'all! Praying for Y'all!
Sister Elsmore 

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