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Adventures of Sister Elsmore 62

Mandy Elsmore <>

Kumusta Kayo!!! ^_^

Glad to hear you all had a good Thanksgiving 

Thanks for forwarding the letters from the Abano Family. ( you can read them in my blog: Sweet E-Mail from Filipino Friend to Sister Elsmore) Their letters have helped me a lot recently. As you were saying mom about Satan's influence being real is SO TRUE!!! O.o I have the same feeling here. Agency is a hard thing to deal with sometimes, but at the same time, I would not have it any other way. ^_-

Day of Thanks
Thanksgiving we bought Lechin (roasted chicken) and corn on the cob. Made mashed potatoes and rice (to Filopinoize the meal ^_-). We were on exchanges with the sisters in San Isidro and there are 2 houses over there with 8 sisters. So 10 of us all together having a Thanksgiving Feast. Had a good spirit of Thanksgiving. Super Grateful for the opportunity to serve the Lord. Super Grateful for our family and friends. Super Grateful for each other. And Super Grateful for the little food that we had filled us up (miss calculated on the amount we needed to buy. HA HA HA). 

Ultimate Pictionary
Had Zones Conference. Yes, I meant to say Zones because now we have it with a 3rd of the mission. 4 zones combined for conference. Sister Abonitalla and I had a workshop on Using Time Wisely. We were the last workshop of the day. SO to refresh everyone up, we had everyone play Pictionary. HA HA HA!!!! President and Sister Revillo were the judges and we had 2 zones at a time competing against each other. The topics were things that are time wasters. Whichever Zone could guess all 12 things with the best time was the winner.  SO GREAT!!! Have not laughed that hard in a long while. BAH HA HA HA! Everyone was SUPER competitive. Especially President and Sister Revillo. ^_^ Then we all talked about ways we can improve using our time wisely by: 1) Setting Goals. 2) Planning 3) Being Accountable. 
Good workshop. I learned a lot about myself and have a better idea about what I want to improve on and how to do it. ^_^

Splits with Tacloban Missionaries

Sister Garcia
She is from Tacloban, so when the Storm hit, she had NO IDEA if her family was still alive, if they were ok. Nothing. She tried emailing, and calling them, but no response. Lines were down. No way she was able to contact them or vis versa. However, on the Wednesday After the storm, 5 days later, Her dad went to Cebu to get supplies for the members in his branch. He was able to call Sister Revillo and through her, contact his daughter. He told her, "Don't worry. We are all safe and doing well. Don't worry about us, just keep serving your misson and concentrate on the work. Because you are there, as a missionary, we are safe."
She is a amazing missionary who is truely dedicated to the work, not matter what happens. She wants to keep serving with all her heart, might, mind and strength. She has been a great example to me.:)

Cool about Elder Johnson. Sister Garcia says Hi! Also to SMILE (inside joke between them.) He served in her home ward or something. :) 
*Elder Johnson is a recent Return Missionary who was an AP (Assistant to mission President) in Tacloban City Mission happened to be from both of our parents are in the same Ward in Frisco Texas. I never met him but I heard about him through my parents. Check a blog about Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) and you will find an article about how the AP of Tacloban Mission went out during the storm to help sister missionaries and people of Tacloban.

Elder Cameron Johnson is the elder with his hand in the air. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for Tacloban Philippines.

Sister Talatagod
She was in Samar when the storm hit. So the area she was in was not really affected at all. They also did not see much of the damage or the effects of the Storm; however, she still is going through the struggle and adjustment to a new mission. However; because of her strong testimony. She knows that God sent her here for a purpose, and whereever the Lord will have her be, she will serve. ^_^ Even if her heart aches to go back and help those in Tacloban.  

Until We Meet Again
Went on Exchanges in Masagana Again, my 1st Area. ^_^ Good to see old investigators and members. See how they have changed, for better or for worse. One of my favorite families, the Bautista Family, just had a loss. Brother's mother died on Friday. They were holding the funeral services when I came to visit. Nanay was one of the people I was blessed to be able to teach for a short time. We had a language barrior because she did not really know Tagalog all that well and neither did I at the time. But there was a sweet spirit in teaching her about very basic principles like prayer. :)

We talked, and I bore my testimony that we would see Nanay again. That right now, she's continuing learning about the gospel in the Spirit World without the burden of her sickly body or lack or sight and hearing. We are so blessed that we have the knowledge and hope of the plan of salvation. Also the atonement to comfort us in times of sorrow, loss, and separation. As her friend, and for her family, it inspires us to want to be better. So that one day, when we are all re-united, we can both be happy and look back and say, I did my best. And we can be together forever with God. 
The family is excited to prepare themselves to be worthy to go to the temple again so they can do Nanay's baptismal work after a year. ^_^

Love the Gospel,
Love the Work,
Learning and Loving Life with all that Comes.

Praying for all ya'll! Love ya'll!
Sister Elsmore

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