Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Adeventures of Sister Elsmore 64

Mandy Elsmore <>


Thanks for the pictures. Sister Abonitalla and I enjoyed them! ^_^ SO GREAT! Was surprised you sent my school pictures. Ainako! SO EMBARRASSING! You two never cease to amaze me. ^_-

Sounds good for Christmas Skype! Talk to ya'll on 25th my time. and 24th your time. ^_-

Let you know next P-day if things change. 

Oh, we got your packages. So much fun to see Sister Abonitalla's reactions to the candys. ^_^ he he he!!! So great! She deserves it. 

This week has been CRAZY with the Christmas Parties! We had our Christmas Conference and each Zone learned a Tagalog Christmas Song and did a skit. Cogeo Zone did "Kumukutikutitap" and our skit was Juanny Linggo. (Johnny Lingo as a Missionary in the Philippines.) The skit was really funny in practice, but everyone froze up onstage then... kinda palpaked (failed) HA HA HA!!! aw man! Oh well. President and Sister Revillo with the office elders and the APs also did a skit which was HILARIOUS! I would be... They stood in line all dressed up like different professions and one by one say what they were and acted it out, then the other characters would also start saying their same lines from earlier and acting and running around. President was a assassin with a Nerf gun and Sister Revillo was a pregnant woman. >_< BAH HA HA HA!!! Anyway... I'm not doing it justice... sorry...

We had the Ward Christmas party this week as well. The theme was Cowboys and Cowgirls. Why? I have NO idea. But it was fun. SO MANY PEOPLE CAME!!! Almost ALL our LESS ACTIVES AND INVESTIGATORS CAME except 2!!! YES!!!! >_< Plus the ward fellowshipped!!! Awesome!!! >_< Nothing like the Spirit of Christmas promote love and friendship. 

Sister Elsmore to the Rescue!
So on Sunday, Sister McCarthy my kabahay was supposed to give a talk; however, she got food poisoning from the Christmas Party the night before and we got to church late because of it. O.o Poor girl! While she was in the bathroom, they announced her name over the pulpit for her to speak. Everyone is looking around and wondering, Saan si McCarthy? (where is McCarthy). The bishop and his counselors are looking at Abonitalla and giving us the look like, What is going on? 
So I run up there and whisper that Sister McCarthy is in the Bathroom not feeling well, then ask if it would be ok that the last speaker be first. Bishop says she is the only speaker. 
Me,"... ANO!?! (what)
Bishop, "Nandito ang high council man natin," (the high council man is here)
Bishop, "Ah sige... Ikaw na lang Sister Elsmore magspeak." (oh ok... you'll just have to speak Sister Elsmore)
Me... sige po... (ok)
I walk down to grab my scriptures and the Second Counselor goes up and announces over the pulpit that Sister McCarthy is Sick in the bathroom so Sister Elsmore will be speaking for her. 
Ainako... Is this real life!!!! Did he really just announce that over the pulpit....
ok.. calm thyself Sister Elsmore...
I walk back up to the pulpit and say a quick prayer what to speak on. The thought come to share Luke 2. The Christmas Story. :) Talked about what gift we should give to Christ this Christmas, being its his birthday. 
Was a short, but sweet talk, but felt the words flow from me with the Spirit. Was a awesome experience if not random. ^_^

Anyway, love ya'll! Praying for ya'll!

Oh, almost forgot. I'm transferring. To San Isidro. (like 15 minutes away.) HA HA HA! My mission is the Antipolo Mission. I'm not going to be STL anymore, which will be nice to have a break. Sad to not serve the sisters and see them as often anymore, but I think it is time. :) My new companion will be Sister Pope. Super nice, meek Sister. Like her a lot!

Well got to run!
Sister Elsmore ^_^

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