Monday, November 25, 2013

Sweet E-mail from Filipino friends to Sister Elsmore

E mail #1 from
Brother Bong and Sister Maggie,

Hi Sister Elsmore!

Musta ka po? Daya mo naman hindi ka man lang nagpaalam..Anyway, we understand you Sister. We know you might dont want the kids not to feel better watching you leaving.
But they miss you so much Sister. We just hope they can move on easily. Actually, they are now always busy making some notes for you but they always edit it and make another one again and again when we told them they should make a better one..They are also more inclined in drawing anything with your name always on the mention.. You are really their inspiration. And they always pray for your safety.

They will send you notes once they perfected it..Hmm anyway, We have here there new photos, a week after your transfer.. Sayang di mo sila nakita in their Sunday's vest..Anyways, just hopin we can see each other again.

Be safe always Sister.

Bro. Bong and Sister Maggie

E mail #2 from
Brother Bong and Sister Maggie,

Dear Sister Elsmore,

Hi Sister! Wat's up? 
Hope you are doing good out there. 
Anyway, we have been sending you our message in your mylds email but failed. We do not why.

So if you received this message please reply back.

Thanks Sister and we hope that you are always safe and away from harm as you go on with your mission.

We love you Sister. The kids miss you so much.

Bro Bong and Sister Maggie

Respond Mail to 
Brother Bong and Sister Maggie,

I was checking the my daughter sister Elsmore's e-mail today and noticed that you are trying to reach her.  Please try her mission e mail address and hope it will work.

Thank you for your friendship!

Sister Yoriko Elsmore
Sister Mandy Elsmore's mom

Respond Mail From
Brother Bong and Sister Maggie,

Sister Yoriko,

Thank you so much for giving attention to our letters to Sister Mandy Elsmore. This simple gesture of yours reflects to the manner on how you have successfully raised up your daughter Sister Mandy in this world. It is of no wonder why Sister Mandy grew up sweet, caring and loving, because it is evident in you-she must have inherited it from you. 

As we chanced upon to have this exchanges with you, we would like to grab this opportunity to inform you that we are so grateful for your daughter's way of taking care of our family. She's indeed, a true missionary of the Lord. She had shown us in many wayson  how it is to become an active members of the Church. You had not been wronged in sending her in mission for we're pretty much sure she would touch more lives in the mission.

Thanks to you and Best regards to your family too!

Bro. Bong and Sister Maggie

Another E mail from Brother Bong ,

Sister Yoriko,

I would like to apologize for replying your message late. I'm kinda busy the past week because of the tremendous workloads I had with my work as a policeman and in my school.

I also had visited the blogsite of Sister Mandy right after I learned it from you and it was so great. I found inspiration on all that she has written there especially her mentioning of the baptism of my kids (andrei and geri). I and my wife with our kids are always visiting her blogs because they wanted to see Sister Mandy I just told them that they can do so only after her mission. 

As a father, I am so happy to see that my family is so active in the church and it is because of Sister Mandy. My kids love her so much and they miss her too.

They are relieved for the thought of they would see each other soon.

Thanks to you Sister Yoriko for your updates about her, at least I can share the story with my kids and they love to hear it. Their unending accounts of their memories with Sister Mandy is so intense which sometimes lasted even until they sleep..

Bye for now Sister.


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