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Adventures of Sister Elsmore 65

Mandy Elsmore <>

Maligayang Pasko! (no one ever really says it in Tagalog though. Just in songs.)

Hope you are all SUPER excited for the Christmas Season and preparations for it are going well. ^_^ We have already been enjoying the effects for Christmas. We had 2 Christmas Parties. 1 for the Branch and one with the Relief Society. SO MUCH FOOD!!! People have been asking me what my waist size is here. (which is really weird by the way) then when they find out, automatically want to feed me more... O.o? I'm ok with that. ^_-

Its been nice to share with people the Christmas Story in Luke 2 and watching Christmas Movies and talking about them. Amazing what the scriptures and a little technology can do to invite the spirit. ^_^

Sister Pope:
10 months on the Mission.
From Idaho, Went to BYU Idaho
Math Education Major
Super NICE! Little quiet at first, but once you get to know her she is quite the story teller. :) We are laughing a lot about the Mission, life, etc... ^_^ Fun to be with a American Again. ^_-
Word to describe her- Meek, something I'm striving to learn from her. ;)

True or False
Erik is one of my favorite investigators right now. ^_^ Actually, when I was here on exchanges and while back, I was with Sister Fakao'si (Sister Pope's trainee) when we contacted him. He was a referral of a member. Small world. Get to teach him now. :) Anyway, he has been wanting to find out whether or not the Book of Mormon is true. So he's been reading a chapter or 2 each day. His understanding of the scriptures is amazing also his hunger for the scriptures is real. 
"Sister, I know you only assigned one chapter, but is it ok if I kept on reading?"
Anyway, we came to teach him and he was like...
Erik, "Sisters, so I do you know the TV show for ADD?"

Me, "...ADD?...? O.o???

Sister Pope, " Ano yen? (what's that?)

Erik,"Ang Dating Daan" (its a church here in the Philippines)

Me and Pope, "Oh... :D" (Thought it was the disease)

Erik," So I was walking by this one house and it was going on. Then the pastor says that "Hindi totoo ang Simbahan ng Mormons dahil hindi totoo ang Aklat ni Mormon." (the church of Mormons is not true because the Book of Mormon is not true)
Pero (but), right after it said that, I thought of all the times I read the Book of Mormon and how I always felt good reading it. I felt peace and happiness and my thoughts were, No! The Book of Mormon is True. Then I realized I got my answer. ^_^ Totoo ang Aklat ni Mormon. (the book of mormon is true)

YAY!!!!! ^_^ It is always so edifying to see the progression of investigators and see them feeling the spirit and gaining a testimony for themselves. It strengthens my testimony. And no matter what opposition is out there, nothing can stop God and the Holy Ghost to a sincere individual willing to act on faith and the will of the Lord.  

After Gaining his testimony now, he came to Church for the 1st time this Sunday. :)

Best Christmas Gift Ever

Question and Answer:

What does Antipolo Mission mean?:

Antipolo is like saying I'm from Dallas, but I'm really to be more specific from Frisco because there are a lot of little cities right next to each other. All my previous areas are under 30 minutes away from me where I am now. HA HA HA! All under Antipolo City, or Rizal. I'll have to find a map and take a picture of it so ya'll can see. Or you can probably just google map it or something...

Of all the things you did to prepare for your mission, what was the best thing you did?  What do you wish you had done, or done better?

Good Question...
Pretty much I've learned that my whole life just living in the church has prepared me in coming for a mission. There are things that happen that I'm like, Wow, so glad I did that before. Totally needed that here right now. 

If you want One thing specifically that really helped me, that would be...
Reading the Book of Mormon and gaining my own testimony of it. I was never a scholar or knew a lot of scriptures by memory, but the small testimony that I had of it has lead me here. Its been my foundation for a lot of things. 

Thing I wish I'd done better. Practice the piano. HA HA HA!!! >_<

Anyway, I wrote ya'll another Novel. ^_- Hope you enjoy Christmas and feel the peace and love of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ through the Atonement this Christmas. Love each other. Serve one another. Say I love ya more (you if you don't want to say it like a Texan. ^_-)

Love Ya'll! Praying for Ya'll
Sister Elsmore

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