Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Adventures of Sister Elsmore 59

Mandy Elsmore <>


Sorry about last week everyone. Had some people write me that I felt I needed to write back in person. Then, not paying attention to the time, I realized I had no more time left to write my weekly letter to EVERYONE. PALPAK (FAIL)!!! >~< Anyway, I'll try to do better today. :)

1st things 1st. 
We are safe. It was not that heavy of rain here. The wind was pretty strong, but it was not too bad. We came home early on Friday because we received a text from the APs (assistants to president) that we needed to come home early because of the storm. (We don't ever know anything until the day of or a week later.) So we came home, and Sister Abonitalla and Sister Sabaupan taught me how to roast fish, and I taught them about roasting marshmallows. ^_^ Sister Abonitalla had a hard time sleeping that night because the wind was really strong and banging the windows, but for those of you that know me, I slept like a rock. HA HA HA! I can now say that I've slept through a earthquake and a typhoon in my life. ^_-

On a serious note, we are all very sad to hear the news about Tacloban. Praying for them and hope many people will receive comfort and peace from the effects of the storm. 

MariCris and Raffy:
They are making HUGE progress! ^_^ They are overcoming word of wisdom addictions and Raffy after two weeks stopped smoking. Says that every time he thinks about smoking or sees a cigarette, its like his body rejects it. He feels sick. I'm always so amazed at the physical and spirituals changes the gospel brings into peoples lives for the better. :) 

They are also saving in order to get married and pay for all the paper work and getting birth certificates. For those of you who have offered to pay money. Thank you, but no thanks. They need to learn how to save and work for this commandment. They are learning skills of saving a self-control that will help them with so many other things in life. Also they are learning to act on their faith and trust the Lord. THEY ARE DOING SO WELL!!! ^_^

JohnJohn Tandoy:
9 years old, looks like a little korean rock start. The cool quiet type. ^_-
He wants to be baptized SO BAD, but his parents are less active. They have a testimony, they just have some things in their lives they need to apply the atonement to. :) We cooked dinner JohnJohn's birthday to gain their trust and serve them. ^_^ Cant go wrong with Food and the Gospel! Best combination! They came to church on Sunday for the first time in MONTHS!!! ^_^

Applying Faith
Went to this returning less active family's house to teach one of their children getting ready for baptism. Found Raquel (8 years old) and Rojie Mae (16) outside arguing. Rojie Mae thought Raquel stole her phone, but Raquel had not. We went back to the House and talked with her. She usually avoids us, but this time was pretty open with us. 
I asked her," What have you done to look for your phone?"
Rojie Mae, "I looked all over here and here, but nothing."
Me, "Have you prayed yet?"
Rojie Mae, "...No..."
Then I shared how in the past, I've lost a lot of things (as you all well know) and whenever I had no idea what to do, then I prayed. Then the Lord helped me in finding the thing that I could not find. Because God knows all and he wants to help us in our trials. Sometimes it was not right away I'd find the thing I was searching for, but if we act in faith, all things are possible. ^_^ 

So... We all had a kneeling prayer to find the phone. Then searched, texted, called it. Nope did not find it. But she said that after the prayer she felt everything would be alright. ^_^ She also felt like we really wanted to help her, she wants to gain the courage again to come back to church. ^_^ The lord works in mysterious ways in helping us in the work. Grateful for all my experiences of accident prone and forgetfulness for this moment. ^_^

Oh... She found the phone the next day. It was upstairs. ^_^

Anyway, pray and try your best in whatever you feel is right and the Lord will help you in all things. ^_^

Love Ya'll! Praying for Ya'll!

Sister Elsmore ^_^

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