Monday, November 18, 2013

Adventures of Sister Elsmore 60

Mandy Elsmore <>


This week has been another adventurous week in the mission. ^_^ When is it not? ^_-

Tacloban Missionaries
This week we found out from members and The mission president how bad the storm was down in Tacloban. We all felt bad because we just had fun here in the Quezon City mission and had no idea what had happened in the Philippines. O.o The missionaries from Tacloban were flown here in a C1-13 government plane and have been staying at the MTC here in Manilla. Sister Abonitalla and I meet a few when we had our Missionary Cordination meeting on Thursday. Some were from her District in the MTC. ^_^ They all have a mix of emotions, which is to be expected, but thankful hearts in the miracle that they were all saved. They had nothing. They lost Everything. So, we all gave them extra clothes and gathered up all the extra mattresses in our apartments. We have 16 new missionaries in our mission from the Tacloban mission. They arrived in their new areas earlier today. :) I'm looking forward to meeting them and welcoming them to the Quezon City mission. 

Surprise Area 70
After the meeting at the Missionary Leadership Coordination Meeting, Sister Abonitalla and I, along with a few other missionaries were waiting outside of the MTC to get a Taxi to get back to our areas. (There are no jeepnees in that area, keep the Temple area clean and peaceful. ^_^) This HUGE white van pulls up and we see Elder Angeles in the front seat of the car. We stare at him, wondering, Why is he in the van? Where is his companion. Then the sliding door bursts open and President Ardern, 1st councelor of the Area 70 here in the Philippines is there and says. "Hello!" in his New Zealand Accent. HA HA HA! He saw the Elders coming from President Revillo's house and decided to give them all a ride (6 of them) to the MTC. He had just come from Tacloban a few hours before, visiting people and overseeing the efforts of distributing goods to those in need over there. The Elders said being in his presence, there was a stronger spirit to him than usual. Probably because of what he just experienced a few hours before. 

Side thought... Isn't it interesting and wonderful that even though you were not there for a event that invited the spirit, you can just enter a room and feel a stronger spirit there depending on what happened a few minutes before. ^_^

Gospel brings Peace
This week, have been teaching a lot about how the gospel brings peace into people lives and prepares them for the future. No matter how great the storms or the hardship, the gospel brings peace of mind to those that live its principles. Spiritually, Mentally, and Physically. ^_^

For those of you that have asked...
Yes, we have a 72 hour kit. Before the mission provided it, but now we are responsible to provided and keep our own 72 hour kits. I have one. Don't worry. Its been one of the things I've enjoyed having since being a little kid. ^_- Thanks Mom and Dad! 

Something that we have been trying to do to help people enjoy the gospel is help recent converts, investigators, and less actives, experience and learn how to have Family Home Evening. So many people that I've meet say they want to be closer to their families, they just don't know how. Somehow, they have all become distant from each other. They hardly talk, they don't eat meals together, in general, they don't know each other anymore. O.o
So what do we do?
We help them create a environment where the spirit can dwell in which they can learn, grow, and be uplifted by it and from each other. There is nothing like the Holy Ghost that can bring hearts closer to one another. ^_- Also, learn to have fun with each other again. Even if its through simple, silly games or activities. 

This week at the Pendon family, had a lesson on Gratitude, they all had a race to see who could write the most things in 1 minute that they were grateful for. Sister Abonitalla won. ^_^ Then I taught them how to roast marshmallows. Little 8 year old Vanessa Heart said that it tastes like ice-cream. >_< SO CUTE!!! 
There was a greater spirit of Gratitude that night and love for each other. FHE is great. ^_^

Mission and the Book of Mormon
The mission has started a Book of Mormon reading. Every night, at 10pm, everyone stops whatever they are doing and reads the BOM for 15 minutes. We will do this until February when we all finish together. Fun way to unite the missionaries and the mission. ^_^

Anyway, Praying for ya'll and those in Tacloban! Love ya'll! 
Sister Elsmore

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