Monday, November 25, 2013

Adventures of Sister Elsmore 61

Mandy Elsmore <>


So tired... ZzZZzzz (-_-).... But in good spirits. ^_^ Sometimes like that on the mission. Get so mentally, spiritually, and physically drained. But at the same time it feels so good to work and serve the Lord, the people of the Philippines, my companion, and the other sister missionaries. 

Had a zone activity today which started late and went over time (as most zone activities tend to be. HA HA HA) But they are always so fun. We separated into teams and made banners, chants, played shirades (how do you spell this word? O.o), and some balloon team game things which I have no idea what the names of them are. Sorry... Find those out from the ZL (zone leaders) tomorrow. 

Investigators are still doing good. Looks like they will be baptized in December and the beginning of January. YAY! 

Have not meet any of the Missionaries from Tacloban yet, but on Wednesday at our Zone Conference, we will probably meet a few. ^_^ Let ya'll know how that goes. 

I can't send photos of where I live right now for what our apartment looks like. Sorry. Its for our protection and protection of the mission. Be rest assured though, we are safe and our house is AWESOME! probably the best house that I've lived in here in the Philippines. ^_- Its 3 stories high, pretty new, and has a awesome view (which I think I sent a picture of a while ago. Check the blog. ^_^)

B-Lated Halloween...
Carved a watermelon with a ghost Tao po-ing (people here generally do not have door bells, so they yell Tao po which pretty much means People Here! respectfully though.) a persons house and the person is in shock. ^_^ My companion and other Filipinos are SO Excited! HA HA HA! Their first Jack o lantern. ^_^

Scripture thought:
2 Nephi 9:10 & 45
I really like the imagery and language used in this chapter. Is it not great that God has already prepared a way for us to fight off the Demons in our lives. Satan can NEVER win. No matter how hard he tries. We might feel darkness in our lives. We may struggle. We may even fall under his power, but as we cry unto the Lord in our struggles to shake off the chains of hell, somehow, we can always come out Be freed from our afflictions and recieve peace again. Becoming stronger than we were before. ^_^ The Lord will always be there for our salvation. It may not be right away, to our standards. We might be cut down a bit. But we become better than we were before because of it, if we follow what is prepared for us. 

Life is great for its ups and downs. Forever Thankful. ^_^

Hope Everyone has a Great Thanksgiving this week. I'll try to introduce my companion to this Holiday. ^_-

Love Ya'll! Praying For Ya'll! Grateful for your love and support from each of you. 
Sister Elsmore

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