Monday, September 30, 2013

Adventures of Sister Elsmore 54

Mandy Elsmore <>

Technical Difficulties... >~<

 Tried sending Photos and Letter, but some of you apparently did not get it or something... So I'm just sending the letter out to all of you. Sorry...computers. T_T 
Mom is posting photos on my blog so, check them out!


So I'm in Cogeo and it is GORGEOUS here! Everywhere we go I'm just like, WOW!!! So this is the Philippines. HA HA HA! We are doing a lot of hiking in this area. Most of my area is like walking up and down Y Mountain in Provo Utah. Loving my life!

My Companion is Sister Abonitalla.
26 years old
5.4 ft
Basayan, from Mindanao (bottom island of the Philippines)
She is a Nurse
Her family lives in San Diego, California
Really good at Cooking (we are going to teach each other asian dishes)
She LOVES Japan!
One Word to Describe her... propriety
She knows when it is appropriate to have fun and be adventurous and when we should be quiet, meek, and spiritual. She is a great sister and companion. :)

Goal we set for this transfer is to count the tender mercies of the Lord Everyday. ^_^

Upcoming General Conference Goal:
Preparing myself spiritually and with questions of the soul before conference so that I'll be more better prepared to receive answers from God. Love general conference! Prophet Thomas S. Monson, the Apostles, and General Authorities are amazing people and called of God. 

Funny Story:
Hiking down this Mountain and its raining, so the ground in muddy and slippery. My shoes have no grip from being wore off from a year of walking in them (sorry mom, still have not bought new ones. Buying some latter on today. ^_^). We were talking about our families and I was telling her how my Dad and my siblings do figure skating. The I jokingly said, "I'm using all my skills of ice-skating right now in this mud."
Sister Abonitalla, "So, like mud skating?"
Me, "exactly!"
Then I slip and hang onto a nearby bamboo poll for dear life to stop myself from slipping down the mountain.
Sis A, "WOW! So that's your figure skating skills huh?"
Me, "Now you know why its only them that ice-skate and not me."

Moses 6:31-34 
Sometimes the Lord my call us to do things which we feel inadequate to accomplish because of our weaknesses. Whether is be callings, missions, jobs, marriage, etc... however; the Lord knows what we are able to do in this life. If we act in faith, trust in him, he will give us the blessings and skills to accomplish the thing he would have us do. He is always there for us. All we need to do is "walk with him." :)

Question of the Day:
If you could have one Day with the Savior, what would you do? 

Anyway, Love ya'll! Praying for ya!
Sister Elsmore

Acting dramatic! Expressing the fear of  Me crossing a bridge with some gaps in the planks. Yes, you could say I'm loving my life right now! :D

Bug we found. ^_^ Sister Abonitalla holding it in the picture. We had fun taking turns holding it. 

Kids of some investigators. Starting to rain, so they all run to the bench and try to share the same umbrella. ^_^ CUTE!!!

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