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Adventures of Sister Elsmore 50

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Date: September 2, 2013 1:28:11 AM CDT


This last week was CRAZY! Got to see the hand of the Lord in a lot of things. NO IDEA HOW TO WRITE ALL OF THIS. I'll just put the highlights, then perhaps I'll try to do it justice in my journal.


Went to Marikina, which is famous for its floods. Don't worry, it did not rain or flood while I was there. But there are a lot of 3 story buildings because of the likely-hood of floods. It always amazes me how people, no matter what the circumstances are, if they are set on living somewhere, they adapt and just deal with the fact of potential danger in a area. 

Anyway, it was GORGEOUS over there. Lots of hills and I got to do a bit of hiking which my soul has been missing. 

Things I learned. 
God sends his messengers at the exact time at the exact place they are needed. These Sisters were having problems with communication and learning to live with each other. Which can be SO DANG HARD sometimes. Different cultures, backgrounds, upbringings, personalities, etc...
When the lord sees people need a little break and a little spiritual comfort, peace, and guidance, he sends those who are ready and able to accept the call and be his instruments in his hands. 

There are just some people that you can just click with right away and those it takes a little bit of time and work to get used to each other. Which I'm learning is ok. We don't have to like everyone we meet at first; however, with a bit of work and patience, we can all come to some sort of understanding for each other, which can develop to a christlike love. I think everyone has their weaknesses and strengths. We just have to see them for their potential and work together in seeing how we can grow and become better people together. Its a struggle, but worth it all at the end, because we grow more than we ever would have thought we would have with those who push us to our limits. 

hmm... I think I'm rambling. Sorry about that.

Another Example of being in the right place at the right time:

We were walking to get a tricycle to go to a appointment, we were a little late so we were in a hurry, when we see the Elders walking as well. (area boundaries) we say hello and then part ways. 5 more minutes late. Oh well, Filipino Standard time. Then try to get a tricycle, which takes another 10 more minutes. Get off at the street the investigator lives, when two women, desperately start running toward the tricycle. Ones holding a toddler and their cries turn to screams as the tricycle drives away. It was dark, but as they came closer I could tell the child had a pretty serious head injury. We try to stop the tricycle, but it was already full and was well on its way. Looking around we did not see anymore tricycles. A taxi comes up though and we stopped it.
one of the women, "Walang Kaming Pera" (We have no money.)
Me, "Ayos Lang!" (Its okay)

After a bit of confusion talking with the driver with where they were going, because they were both crying, we sent them on there way to the nearest hospital. 
We prayed that they traveled there in time and the child would recover from her injury. 

Sometimes, you forget to look for and see the hand of the Lord in even the tiniest things, until after something big happens. I'm very grateful to serve and I'm striving to look for the little miracles of the Lord each day. Because I know they are there. As it says in Mosiah 2:24 "...he doth immediately bless you" if we are obedient to the commandments. It may be in a way different than we expect but the blessings are always there. 

Praying for ya'll! Love ya'll! Count your blessings and don't forget to say thank you! 

Sister Elsmore ^_^

PS: The new bible videos are AWESOME!!! Been loving them. Watch them, they are really good quality. :)

Sister Suarez and I at Banapple. A AWESOME restaurant that sells the best Italian food and cheese cake that I've had here in the Philippines. ^_^

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  1. Hello Sister Elsmore! How are you today? haha. This is Elder Nipahoy (not yet coming soon on Ocober 25, 2013 to the MTC and I was assign to labor in Quezon City Mission). I'm searching in the google about my mission then I came up with your blog. I really need this cos I want to know what's life what's going on when I get in my mission. I'm not saying "I'm scared or afraid" but I don't have any background or idea. I want to be prepared. I already finished reading your adventures and I learn much. I love the way you made it. GREAT. Thank you for providing this blog =) Let's us all return with honor ! see you in the field...