Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Adventures of Sister Elsmore 53

From: Mandy Elsmore <>
Date: September 24, 2013 4:01:11 AM CDT


So not much time again, because we cleaned and reorganized the whole apartment and me packing. Yup, I'm transferring again. Going back to good old Antipolo to the Mountains. ^_^ YAY! Different area in Cogeo Zone. Super Excited, but also super sad to leave. I loved these people here, and I've be come REALLY close to the members here and recent converts. But, I've learned, Change is a good thing sometimes. ^_^ Excited for new area and new people to serve and bring closer to Christ. 

This week, Had the Mission Tour with Elder Arden of the Area Presidency. 1st counselor. He is SO COOL! Kind-of intense, but super great Teacher and has a strong passion for the Gospel. ^_^

Had a really cool activity in the begining. We were all to prepare a 3-4 minute scripture thought then those that wanted to share would go up, share it at the pulpit, then The mission president, Sister Ardern, and Elder Ardern would also give comments and insights on the same scriptures. IT WAS AWESOME! Fun to discuss scriptures and see and learn the different insights people have to the same scriptures. The word of God has so much we can learn from...

Tips to a good Scripture Study:
1) Pray
2) Read and ponder the word slowly
3) Have a Dictionary handy, there can be a lot of different meanings to just one word. 
4) Use the cross references for greater understanding, the Bible Dictionary, Preach My Gospel, and/or other articles or books for more insights and thoughts.
5) Have a desire! Things that help with this is having questions, topics, and just doing it. The more you do it the more fun it becomes. ;)
6) Try different things out, mix it up, pray to the Lord what works best for you. One thing that I have learned is that there will be many people that will tell you what to do, which is good. They just want to help, but it sometimes gets overwhelming. The beauty of the gospel is that its simple and can be applied to different people in different ways and God knows the best way for each of us. So pray, try it out, and if it doesn't work, thats ok, try something else. The Lord will bless you for your efforts. ;)

Love ya'll! Praying for Ya'll!
Sister Elsmore ^_^

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