Sunday, August 4, 2013

Adventures of Sister Elsmore 45

From: Mandy Elsmore <>
Date: July 30, 2013 1:32:27 AM CDT


So still sick... Its so lame! I've lost my voice for 5 days! (Its coming back now and I went to the doctor earlier today.) Ok, I'm done complaining. On the upside its been a Great source of conversation with people. I've learn some interesting tips to get rid of a cold.
  • Don't walk in the rain or get wet at all (does this mean I don't need to take showers?...joke lang... Mom, don't worry, I'm still showering.
  • Don't eat Ice-Candy (their word for Popsicle) or drink cold water
  • Drink 3 tablespoons of pure coconut oil.
  • Put coconut oil and and warm water and rub it on your back and chest.
  • Roast Kalamance (little limes) and then squeeze the juice out of it and drink it.
  • Don't use old water bottles over again after 3 times, or the plastic chemicals get into the water which is HIGHLY FLAMMABLE. Apparently, pretty soon, I should be breathing fire. (The ward clerk was just kidding about this one)  
  • Just stop breathing. (HA HA HA!!!! >_<) Or breath though a handkerchief (gaining more and more appreciation for these things. They are just so handy. ^_^)

Anyway, went to see Elder Jackson the missionary doctor here, while my companion and Kabahays (missionary roommates) went in to do a session in the Temple. After talking with him, went to the MRC (Missionary Recovery Center) to wait for my companion. Its where sick missionaries from all over the Philippines go to get treatments and recover from illnesses. It was like a different world in there... O.o
I was talking a nap on the couch and they were like, "Sister, we have a bed for you if you want it." I was like..."ok..."
They took me into this room with a queen size bed and I was like, "Oh my goodness, you could fit my whole family on this thing!" O.o Then I went to take a nap, but was shivering to death from the air-conditioning. I had to go turn it off because it was just too much. BAH HA HA!!! I've become a Filipino... Made me realize how much I've really changed these past several months (9... 10? hmm... to tired to figure it out).  

Learning a New Language
We have a deaf investigator, Miko. They use FSL (Filipino sign language which is pretty much the same as ASL, but I guess they just want to make it Filipino?...) Maria Russel is teaching us the basics and we teach and she translates, or we write things down and he writes back to us. Deaf people are so Great! They are so refreshingly honest. Also, they are so expressive about how they feel and the world around them. Sister Dowe is SUPER Magaling (skilled) at learning sign language. I'm not so much, but its fun anyway. Its a bit weird teaching in 3 different languages. Talking to Maria in Tagalog along with Miko's younger brother Denis, then Miko in FSL or writing in English (he only understands English... interesting how they teaching deaf people here), then translating to Sister Dowe in English. I did not think my brain could handle all of this. The Brain is AMAZING! Super blessing of the Lord. Also, learned once again that the Spirit is the ultimate teacher. It doesn't matter what language you are speaking in, if you really want to have a spiritual experience, you can find it in no matter what the circumstances are. 

The Church is True
Had a chapel tour on Saturday. Thought it would be good for investigators and for members to invite friends to a not so "threatening situation." Things just kept going wrong though. People showing up Filipino Standard time (which is like 5 times worse than Mormon Standard time if you know what that is.), then it started POURING RAIN, then the Elders in our District were really confused, then I had no voice. HA HA HA! Oh goodness... Sister Dowe and I went in the Nursery Room and prayed that people would show up, that the rain would stop, and the spirit would be there to teach. Said Amen, and looked out the window and the rain stopped. Heavenly Father is too good to us. We really are spoiled. Things went alright after that. ^_^

Something that one of the members said struck me though... He said it out of frustration because people were late to clean the chapel for the chapel tour. "When I was a Catholic, and I came to church for the first time, I felt like this is the true church. Since this is the true church, the members should be true!" 
It just made me think about how important our actions are. Its not only our words that define us a a person, but our actions as well. Together, we can show the world that we are disciples of Christ, and heirs to the kingdom of heaven. I think this is one of the critical factors that set the best from the best, those who are truly converted... That not only do we say we believe, but we LIVE it as well. The gospel is great. I hope more people learn how true it is and learn to be True to Christ and to God.

Love Ya All! Praying for ya'll! Appreciate your soft beds and listen to the Song I'm Trying to Be like Jesus.
Sister Elsmore ^_^

PS: Got this SWEET rainbow umbrella that is like the 3rd best thing that I've purchased on my mission. Hopefully pictures coming soon...

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