Thursday, August 15, 2013

Adventures of Sister Elsmore 47

From: Mandy Elsmore <>
Date: August 12, 2013 10:32:31 PM CDT


So end of another transfer and I have some exciting news. I've been called to be a traveling Sister. My companion will be Sister Schquarez (no idea how to spell her name) who is very nice and hard working from what I could tell when I met her at a Training Meeting once. We will start being a companionship tomorrow. I am excited to serve the sisters here in Quezon City Mission. However, I guess... I just have no idea what a traveling sister does, or what I am suppose to do... I'll learn though, and turn to the Lord and my companion for guidance.   

Little sad to part with Sister Dowe. She has been a GREAT companion and I've learned a lot about patience, diligence, and a love of the gospel from her. I'm excited for her to be in my 1st area though with my 1st Anak, Sister Velasco. I'm sure they will do well together. :)

There was a lot of rain, especially on Sunday, and we got splashed by a speeding car and soaked, and the lights went off during a lesson, but other than that, nothing serious here in Cainta, TayTay. Sad to hear about the effect the Typhoon had on people here. :( I'll pray for them. :)

Funny Story:

About to start a lesson with the Bilan Family and we have a brown out (they call black outs brown outs here.) We use our cellphones as flashlights and teach about Christ Ministry and the Apostasy. In the middle of the lesson. This huge ipis (cockroach) runs under the Bench Validez Bilan (16 years old), Sister Dowe and I are sitting on. Validez points it out, then the cockroach runs into the next room. After freaking out a little bit, we continue with the lesson. About 5 minutes later, the ipis runs back into the room. And Everyone is shouting where it is, then it runs back into the other room again. Then another 5 minutes later, the ipis runs back in through another crack in the wall on the opposite side of the room where Validez sister Luckybner is sitting. She screams and runs other to our side and her and Validez and standing on the bench hugging each other. Their little brother Elmer 4 years old, then runs other to them and joins the protective sheild group hug. The ipis, probably enjoying itself being the cause of such great commotion is running back and forth in the room. Sister Dowe and I are sitting on the bench with our legs crossed so they don't touch the ground. Sister Bilan, grabs a chinela (flip flop) and chases the cockroach into the kitchen. Validez and Luckybner run after her and even though Sister Bilan slaps the cockroach. It Survives and runs away. O,o
We come back to our seats and after much talk about the ipis, I get the idea to do a object lesson with this situation. We turn off the lights on our phones. So we have a Apostasy. We don't know where we should go. Or where the devil is (ipis). Then, through our actions, following the commandments, like prayer turn one cellphone light on. Then another, scripture reading, another light. Etc... I have now experienced, everything can be incorporated into the gospel. ;) Its so great! 

The Gospel Blesses Families
I've always known this, but its just a blessing and a privileged to see it in action. No matter what kind of circumstances you come from, the gospel blesses EVERYONE. Here are two examples I was able to witness this week...

Humble Construction Worker
Jerald Lati is a recent convert. He puts the Lord first in everything he does, and though he only has the education of a 5th grader, he has such a great understanding and love of the scriptures, the gospel, and the Savior. He works very hard in construction in order to help his 7 other siblings. 2 of which are 2 month year old twin girls. His sister, Princess and him are the only members in the family. Though their family agreed to have a family home evening with us. 

The Genius American,
So we met this guy who lives in our complex named Scott who has pretty much been Everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere (said he has never been below the equator). Anyway, apparently he is a member be less active from all his travels. He has a Filipino wife and they have 2 children together.  He's served in special forces in the military, has a MB in Medicine, worked in Charity hospitals, toured the world teaching english, physics, biology, math, and I'm sure many other classes, he speaks 7 languages, helps people stop smoking, etc... He's a really awesome person. 

Anyway, we shared with them a scripture with both of these families and it was interesting to see the change and the difference the spirit can have on a family. Theses families were happy for the most part. They both were drastically different in their trials and lifestyles, but when a home, becomes a sanctuary of God... You can just see them draw closer together, become even more unified, and see the love they truly have for each other. The gospel is amazing, and the blessings, though sometimes hard to see are there. You just have to look for them. ;) The spirit it brings to a home is worth more than anything else in this world. I hope all families can experience the unifying power of the Holy Ghost and feel the peace and love of God.  

Anyway, praying for ya'll. Love ya'll!
Sister Elsmore ^_-

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