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Adventures of Sister Elsmore 44

From: Mandy Elsmore <>
Date: July 22, 2013 12:22:07 AM CDT


This week has been a lot of walking, with a little bit more walking, and a lot more sweat. HA HA HA! But we are enjoying it. Its been so humid because of the rain that Sister Dowe and I are dripping in sweat sometimes. Oh well, so is everybody else here and we get a good laugh out of it. 

There have also been a lot of birthdays... Here for birthdays they typically have pancit (like fried noodles, yakiniku). Its... ok... I'll eat it. Its not something I crave, especially now since it seems like every house we go to has pancit. O.o I should be more grateful. Beggars are not choosers. HA HA HA! Its just funny that everyone wants to feed us pancit over, and over, again.

The Lord Leads in Mysterious Ways....

So I got sick this week with a cold along with my kabahays. (don't worry its just a cold.) Went tracking all day. Walk, and walked, and walked (just like that primary song: Pioneer Children, except there wasn't much singing involved...) and finding no one, felt like my throat was going to give out. So we went to a nearby store to buy menthol candies and juice. In the juice section this guy comes up to us and says in perfect English, "Oh, your buying juice too?" 
Me, "Opo" (yes)

Man, "Yah, I have a cold, so I'm just stocking on juice."

Me, "Ako rin" (me too)

Man, "Oh so you speak Tagalog!"

Me. "Konte lang po. Nagtututo pa kami" (just a little bit, we are still learning) 

He looks at our name tags... "hmm... Jesus Christ...Oh, so your 
missionaries. From What Church?"

Me,"The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints"

Man"Is that like catholic?"

Me, "hindi po. Iba. Mas kilala tawag yung Mormons po" (no, its different, its more know as Mormons.)

Man, "oh... mormons." :)

Sister Dowe,"ano po...ang...panGALang...ninyo?"

Man, "My name is Brother Bert. So do you have a calling card or pamphlet"

Me "Opo"

Bert, "Oh and write down my name and number. Hopefully I can hear from you sometime."

We chatted with him about his family, job, and religion for a bit them we parted ways. Just never know who might be looking for a message of the gospel. Try everywhere you can, and the Lord in the end surprises you and blesses you for your efforts. :D

Thoughts on Alma 62

Humility is a hard thing, but I feel like in this chapter it shows the qualities of those who are humble. vs 41- There were many wars and afflictions, and some people were hardened by it, but others were softened and humbled themselves before the Lord.
First, we choose to be humble. We recognize that our trials are a opportunity for us to grow, and become better people, draw closer to the Lord. Of course this is no easy task; however, it is the better way. Rather than becoming bitter, hurt, and hard, we can become soft, humble, and gain peace. 

Verse 48-51 The Lord eventually blesses them for their righteousness. However, rather than growing prideful their wealth, they remember the Lord. The many blessings that he has given them and in the past, their times of trial and tribulation, how the Lord helped them, delivered them. Then they continued to pray always to our Heavenly Father. Then the Lord continued to bless them.

Second, we have gratitude and remember what we have overcome with the Lords help. Sometimes I feel like after a dark period in our lives we want to forget it... but these people allowed to be a part of them. They turned the situation around and used it as a constant reminder to be humble. Draw closer to the Lord and remember him always. Especially in prayer. For this... they were blessed exceedingly, for the Lord will never give out on his side of his promise and he will always be there for us. How spoiled we are as children of our Heavenly father. ;)

Thank you for all the insights and comments on going to church with children. ^_^ Many of them made me laugh and gave me good ideas to share with the people we are teaching. You are all such great examples to me and a great support! Love Ya'll! Praying for Ya'll!

Sister Elsmore

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