Friday, June 28, 2013

Adventures of Sister Elsmore 40

From: Mandy Elsmore <>
Date: June 23, 2013 10:52:27 PM CDT


Sister Velasco was still sick this week. (Thank you for all your prayers though. :D) Went to the Hospital and she got a Cranial CT Scan. Which sadly I did not get to see happen because of Radiation. T_T However, hopefully we find some results this week. A member in our ward would is a chiropractor, found out that Sis V has been sick and offered to talk and look at her. He showed me how the stress from the muscles in the shoulders sometimes induces migraine. O.o WHOA! Showed me different points in the body where to look for stress in the muscles and simple stretches to help relax them. SO COOL!!! The body is amazing. Offered to give Sister Velasco more tips to help strengthen her body, so her heart (which has a weak heart beat) will not have to work as hard, relieve stress, and hopefully not induce migraines. The human body is amazing! 

Experimenting with more food...
Bagio Beans. If green beans and peas were to have a child, this would be their child. They are really quite good. Most people fry them, but I like to boil them with onions, garlic, and eggs with whatever other vegetables I have on hand. They also do really well in Gata (coconut milk) :)

Cool Story:
Got punted, so we decided to go to a LA, Jesusa, that lived close by. I had the impression that we should invited the member that was with us to come with us to this house. She said ok, and that she actually knew the family, but its been a long time since they have spoken to each other. We went to the house and they let us in. We asked how their reading was going and if they had any questions or things they really liked/ wanted to share. The sister shared in Alma 9:12 which is about repentance and if you don't repent you cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven, you will be destroyed, and face the anger of God. O.o Which surprised me to say the least. HA HA HA! 
We talked about the scripture and taught about repentance and we went through each of the steps to repentance using one of the church pamphlets about the Gospel. (the pamphlets are AWESOME! If you have the chance, ask the Elders if you can have some, read it, then share it with a friend. ^_-) When the Jesusa got to the 3rd Step about asking for forgiveness from others we have done wrong to, she stops, then explains what the step means. Then she stops for a few seconds, and says, I'm sorry sisters, but I need to say something to Cecil (the member with us). Is that ok? 
We say its ok, then she apologizes for not going to church with her a long time ago when she said she would. They made up, and felt super happy and relieved. They both felt like this was no accident and that God sent us to them so they could make up. They set up this Sunday to go to church together once more. :D 

It was just Amazing to see how repentance is such a happy process which brings people closer together and with the Lord. That such a simple act of just saying sorry can wipe away all feelings of guilt and pain from two peoples lifes. We did not know that they had a conflict in the Past, but the Lord knew. I think it strengthened all of our testimonies that day. Before, Jesusa said she felt awkward every time that she saw Cecil, and sometimes would even run and hide. Its amazing to see that through the gospel and with Christ, when we undertstand it and apply it to our lives, we can overcome our fears. Become better people. Prehaps one of the Greatest Miracles that the Gospel brings is change. Repentance is GREAT! The Atonement is real. :D

Love you All, praying for you! Say sorry more to those around you (when you need to of course) and to the Lord in prayer. 

Sister Elsmore ^_-

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