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Adventures of Sister Elsmore 41

From: Mandy Elsmore <>
Date: July 2, 2013 12:59:43 AM CDT


Lots of News... Change... This is the turning point of the mission. :D SO PUMPED!!!

Sister Velasco's brain is alright. She had some kind of congestion above the noes and behind the eyes though. She got some meds for it though so hopefully that will be effective for her. :) Seems to be getting better this week so YAY! I hope she continues to do well and improve in health. 

She is transferring to my 1st Area, in Antipolo. O.o SO EXCITED FOR HER!!! :D Know she will do well there. 

I'm going to be training again. Goodness, I can't believe it. I thought I would be able to train Sister Velasco the whole 12 week program... But I'm excited to help another missionary adjust to the mission. I have a better Idea who I am as a missionary and what to do with training. So I'm excited. I pick her up from the mission home tomorrow morning. 

We don't have transfer meetings anymore. We just go directly to our new areas like other missions now. Everyone is excited for this new transfer and I suppose sightly confused how to do things this transfer. HA HA HA! I'm sure it will all work out ok though. 

We have a new mission president: President Revillo. He, his wife, 16 year old daughter, and 6 year old son came here to the mission on Saturday. He is the first Filipino president in the Quezon City Mission. He is very nice and pretty funny. Met him yesterday. Excited to serve under him for the rest of my mission. 

Watched the Missionary devotional on Sunday. SO AWESOME!!! Missionaries will slowly be able to use, blogs, and facebook to help the work progress. I think it will be a while before the Philippines becomes effected by this. Only 30 percent of the Philippines uses facebook. (not many people know how to use computers here...) But exciting to see the work progress. What a great time to be alive. >_<

Had my first talk on Sunday here in the Philippines. Yes, I'm surprised I lasted this long without giving a talk as well. HA HA HA! I gave it on Charity and Missionary work. It was a really Awesome Sabbath last sunday. :)

Cool Story:

After being punted, we ran into Angelo (a recent convert), he asks if we had some extra time and we were like, "I guess we have some time to spare, whats up?" He says that his grandfather wants to meet us. Aparently he is a member too. We were like, "WHAT!?!" So we walk over there in the Rain and Brother Gerry starts Freaking out (in a good way). He invites us in and wants to know right away where the nearest church building. 
After he moved here to Manilla about 10 years ago, he has not been able to find a church building. He recently moved in with his aunt (Angelo's mom who is younger than him. Lots of confusing complicated relations here in the Philippines and not enough words in Tagalog to actually describe family relations.) He noticed that there was a Book of Mormon on the self and asks his "apo" (grandson, but can also be used for just family members who are related to you, but just significantly younger than you.) 
"Mormon ka ba?" (are you a mormon?)
Angelo, "Opo"
HA HA HA! So excited to come back to church. :) Made arrangements and explained how to get there. Angelo and Gerry will be coming to church this Sunday. So Excited. :)

Learned, just having a book of Mormon out on the shelf can be a example and a testimony of who you are. Be proud of who we are. A Latter Day Saint! Don't be afraid to show it, even in little ways. If it is through pictures in your home, having a Book of Mormon in sight, they way you act and dress. Never know who might be searching for members/ the truth. :)

Love ya'll! Praying for ya'll! 

Sister Elsmore ^_^

Old couple which absolutely crack me up. Went to them yesterday and find that they have died their hair purple!!! WHAT!?! I ask brother, why he died his hair and he says its from all the rain. If you don't have a umbrella, your hair turns purple. BAH HA HA!!! 
Asked sister later why, and she says its because they are getting more white hair, so they just decide they might as well just dye their hair purple. Because now they can (black hair is hard to dye different colors.) BAH HA HA HA!!! I could not stop laughing. 

 Don't freak out, but I got my haircut again. Its super short now. Shorter than I wanted it, but It turned out better than I though. So yes, I have a pixie cut now. ITS SO EASY! Just wake up and ready to go. ITS SWEET!!!
*Dad, don't cry. HA HA HA!!! 
*Talia, After all this time you wanted me to cut it this short, I finally did. Hope you like it. ;)

 Coolest Jeepne EVER!!!

 Messing around at the Hospital. Sometimes you just got to do ridiculous things to relieve stress. Hope you get as much as a laugh as I did. :)

Respond to a Letters from Primary Children
Can you please tell E. Borjas that I got her letters from awesome kids: Liliana Welge, Kendy H., Kayla Boyack, and Hailee Paulsen. They made me Very Happy! :) Drawings were Adorable!!! Super magaling (skilled). 

"What is it like to missionary?" 
Hmm... Its FUN! Its hard sometimes because it takes courage to speak to people everyday and share something that is special to you. But you get to know a lot of amazing people. Help them and see them become happier when they learn about Jesus and his plan for us. 

"What is the Culture like?"
Its very poor here in some places, but the people here are always very happy. They LOVE eatting rice. Always have to eat rice. They have food that goes over rice called ulam (can be anything like meat, curry, vegetables, anything that goes over rice. People really like foreigners, but are very shy sometimes. Lots of Christians. Many believe in Christ, just don't know where to find him.

"What are some of your hobbies"
I love to draw. I sometimes draw people or pictures of Christ for fun. ;)

Kayla and Hailee! 
Way to give a Book of Mormon to your Teacher! That is AWESOME!!! I also did that when I was your age, except I gave one to a good friend of mine. Keep your testimony and love of the book of Mormon in your heart. Keep sharing and you will feel God smiling down on you. You will feel happy! Closer to God! Like D&C 18:15-16 bring one soul (person) to God feel Joy. Bring many will feel REALLY HAPPY!!! :D Your a great inspiration to me! You are all already great missionaries. Keep it up!

Keep being Awesome! THANK YOU for your letters again! :) Praying for you! 

Sister Elsmore

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