Thursday, June 20, 2013

Adventures of Sister Elsmore 39

From: Mandy Elsmore <>
Date: June 17, 2013 5:30:41 AM CDT


This week we were not able to go out to work hardly at all. Sister Velasco is getting worse... Migraines. We went to 2 different hospitals and hopefully this new medicine we got for Sister Velasco earlier will do the trick.The 1st hospital, St Lukes in Quezon City, I was like, ok this is nice, I'm not sure why everyone here freaks out how nice the Hospitals are, but it was nice... Then we went to the one in Globe City, and I was like, "IS THIS REAL LIFE!?!" It was 16 stories high, REALLY nice facilities, and had REALLY cool artwork all over the place. So good for my soul. We got there early and got to walk around and look at the views and different art work. It was GREAT!!! We are going to have to go back sometime this week to get a Cranial CT Scan of her head, which will be really cool to see. Figure, in these types of situations, got to particularly enjoy the little things, because its so easy to be overwhelmed by the massive problem at hand. Makes life easier to deal with problems.  

Being stuck in the house, I've gained a better appreciation for the work and teaching people. I've missed it this week. Don't know how I lived before the mission with so much flexible time! O.o Super weird feeling. On the up side I got clean and fix a bunch of electric fans, area books, and serve my companion. Gave her head massages, cooked, and tried to get her to relax. I've gained a greater appreciation for those he take care of those who are ill. It is no easy task. But it brings unexpected blessing and a greater love for those you serve. :) 

Baptism!!! :D
Mark was Baptised. ^_^ He's nine years old and has the most impressive set of scriptures I have every seen a 9 year old have. Every time we gave him a assignment to read he would mark it in his scriptures or put a sticky not in it with notes. Then every time he would ask questions what things meant and give really awesome insights to his reading. Every time we would go over there he would always want more assignments from different books of the scriptures. HA HA HA! He truely has a hungry and thrist for the gospel. He will grow to be a strong priesthood holder in his family. He is a light I think they need. :) 

Crazy Story (WARNING: a bit of complaining...gets better at the end. ^_-)

Seems like everything about Marks Baptism, things would just go wrong, his interview and scheduling with people I've never had so many problems. O.o The day of the baptism, the taxi driver took a wrong turn and we were lost for 30 minutes in the crazy streets of the Philippines. The water pressure was really low for some mysterious reason. After 1 hour of trying to fill the font, the water was only 5 inches tall. Ran around trying to find a hose so we could fill it from water from the outside faucet, Finally found one, then the pressure came back on and we did not need it. Bishop and his counselors all bailed out at the last minute. After a confusing 30 minutes, got permission to do the baptism without someone to preside (Red Handbook was my best friend that day.) My companion was on the brink of passing out at any second. To say the least, I was very happy at the end of the Day to go to sleep. HA HA HA!

The Best parts...
Marks baptism was one of the sweetest I have seen. His nonmember mother and his less-active uncle were there to watch. (He has been raised by his grandmother who is a very active member of the church. When you need something done you can depend on her. ^_^) The spirit in that room just testified that this was God's will. That he was proud of Mark and loved him so much. His mother and uncle could not help but smile after he was lifted out of the water. It was a precious sight to be seen. 
Mark had written his testimony before had and walked up to the pulpit to bear his testimony. We meet in the cultural hall because workers were painting all the rooms. (another thing I forgot to mention.) As he stood there, he tried to muster all his strength and speak, but just could not do it. He turned away and was about to cry. We all were silent watching for a few seconds, then I ran up to the stand and kneed down so we could be face to face. I asked if he was ok. He shook his head no, then whispered that he was "Nahiya" (shy and scared). I gave his a few words of comfort that it was okay. Then asked how he was feeling. "Masaya" (happy ^_^). 
I asked if he believed in Jesus Christ, he said "opo" yes 
If the church was true. "opo"
I told him if that was all he wanted to say he could. I told him I know he can do it, because he has a strong testimony. If he did not want to share that was okay to, but I knew that he could do it. Plus we are all there to support him. We loved him. There was no need to fear. I pointed at Brother Alex Polidario as a example (one who baptized him) and he came up. Gave that boy a hug and held him and said he was there as his support. That he could do it and if he wanted to read his talk he could. Mark, gaining courage again, began to read. And though, I'm pretty sure no one could hear the words he whispered... There was no doubt of his sincerity in his testimony, because it took everything that boy could muster to do it. 

The church is True. Jesus Christ is our Savior, and he lives. God loves each and everyone of us and through Christ Atonement we are able to return to live with him. If we do our part and depend on him. We cannot fail. I'm so grateful for other members in the church, that can hold us and be a support to us when we feel like we cannot do it. We are never alone, and never will be. 

Got to run. Love ya'll! Go and give someone a hug for me that needs it (so funny for me saying this, for those of you that know me.)

Sister Elsmore ^_^ 

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