Monday, June 10, 2013

Adventures of Sister Elsmore 37

From: Mandy Elsmore <> ^_^
Date: June 10, 2013 2:23:40 AM CDT


School has started! :D All the kids are SO CUTE in their uniforms and little backpacks. They are all super excited to go back to school. For a service project we painted shelves, cleaned, and helped decorate a school last Tuesday. Super fun! Man I love service projects. Sometimes I feel like its benefiting me more than those I'm serving because the uplifting spirit you get by doing it. Mosiah 2:17 truely when you serve its like you feel a little piece of the Lords praise and happiness in the work. :D 

This week my anak got really sick. O.o! Seems like all my companions get sick or have some kind-of chronic illness. I'M CURSED!!! (not really). On the upside, I've definitely learned a lot about medicine and how to take care of different forms of illness. :D On a serious note, its taught me to be a lot more patient and take things slower. My personalty is one that just likes to run as fast as I can, push myself to my limits. However, with these experiences its forced me to slow down sometimes and take a breather. Appreciating the hand of the Lord in all things. :) 

On the Down side, was not able to go see the family with the 12 kids. (for those of you who were wondering) We will try go see them this weekend. 

Funny Story:
Earlier, we were going to Angono (ZL's Area in the Mountains) in a FX (its like a taxi van/ bus. It just drives back and forth on the same route all day. Get in and tell them where on the route you want to get off.) Anyway, they put seats on the sides by the windows in the "trunk" of the van. (to fit more people). We were sitting back there and the people in the back seat got off. The driver keeps going, but then stops suddenly 10 minutes later. Sister Tingey and I move forward from inertia and the whole back seat collapses and we fall on top of it. We were so surprised, then all of us, including the driver start cracking up laughing. Yes... I love the Philippines. :D

Interesting Conversation:
On a jeepney was talking to Elder Watters who was in the MTC with me. He's a good Elder from Canada. Anyway, we were talking about obedience. How things have gotten a lot more strikter in the Mission Lately (lots of changes being made now to mission rules as the flood of missionaries rises). Had a realization. The difference between the lower and the higher law. For example- the Ten Commandments, tells you exactly what you can't do. The lower law, exactly obedient to the rules and laws given. Are obedient because it is required of you or you die (many examples in the Bible). The Higher Law, for example when Jesus Christ was on the Earth was 1) Love the Lord with all thy heart. 2) Love others as you would love yourself. The higher law, you understand the basics of the laws, why they are given, and you follow them because its the right thing to do. Don't need to be specific, because if you apply the basics, you already will do the things specifically listed. 
The Higher Law is easier, its allows for more freedom. It requires more responsibility and trust in the Lord, but on the whole, if you apply the simple basics of the gospel to your life. The rest will come naturally. Its becomes a part of you, and in turn, its easier to know what the Lord would require of you. 
Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts... This is probably a little interpretive of me, but it was a good conversation. :D

Food Stuff:
Absolutely in love with Gata (coconut milk). Feel like I've been depriving of myself of this glorious substance. It makes everything taste better in currys,  sauces, fish, ulam (anything you eat over rice), etc... Milk is hard to find here, and recently my stomach doesn't do very well with it (not sure if its because I'm becoming Filipino or because of my diet change here...). Shall experiment more. :D

The Weather:
Starting to rain a little on and off. The people here think I'm crazy because I absolutely love the rain. :D Just what happens when your a desert creature, you just get excited for the rain. A rare pleasure and blessing of the Lord, especially because the temperature has gone down significantly.  Sometimes its hard to teach because the roofs here are made out of tin. So we will be teaching and then all of a sudden it will start raining. Then you can't hear anything. HA HA HA! Got to use creativity in teaching then. Lots of visuals or sign language. 

So tired... Falling asleep on the keyboard... Brain is so fuzzy right not. HA HA HA! I need a nap. 

Love Ya'll Lots! Praying for Ya! Do a little secret act for service for someone if you can. ;)

Sister Elsmore ^_^

Its been a while. These are of this Toy Sister Campbell got in Cogeo (right next to Antipolo, my last area.) Its so simple ITS AWESOME!!! Little foam mouse, with a cylinder stone, with a rubber band, string, and a little plastic tube for where the string goes through the mouse. You can make your own walking mouse. (Mainly talking to you James ^_-) 


       1) My anak and I at the Temple. She's so cute!

2)My anak with a Rambutan.
Its this red spiky fruit, which has these kind-of soft rubber spikes. It kind-of reminds me of those rubber toys you have as kids. Inside has this white jelly sweet jelly stuff. Its kid-of like those jelly cups you get at the Asian fruit market. Except in fruit form.

3)RAMBUTAN FEAST! (except half of them were bad. sad day... oh well, I'll just have to buy more. ^_^) 

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