Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Adventures of Sister Elsmore 42

From: Mandy Elsmore <mandy.elsmore@myldsmail.net>
Date: July 8, 2013 4:26:29 AM CDT


New Companion! 
Sister Dowe (pronounced like Daw, which is like quotation marks in Tagalog or saying "she/he said" which has been really funny to a lot of people here.)
Height 5.3
Age: 21
From: Tasmania, Australia (going to work on my Australian Accent)
Studied Paramedics before the mission (so I'm feel very safe. ^_- )
Has 9 siblings and she is the 7th child. O.o
Super nice and she deals with my craziness. HA HA HA! 
Tagalog is very minimum, but she is a eager and fast learner.
She looks like the princess in Sleeping Beauty. HA HA HA! 
One word to describe her... Curious- she is very eager to learn, and though she gets a little bit nervous about the world around her, she still wants to know about the culture, language, food, and the world around her. 
She is adorable. :D

Sorry no pictures. The computer really does not like me. (The keys are broken and its so hard to type right now. Ok, done complaining. I'll get off my soap box right now.

Funny Story:
Member was sick, so I had an idea to make her feel better. Told Sister Dowe we are going to draw on oranges. She was like, "WHAT!?! You can do that?" I was like, "Yah! Its awesome!" So we drew smiley faces on oranges and gave them to her as a present. Hopefully they tasted good, helped improve her health. and lifted her spirits by giving her a good laugh. ^_^

Cool Story:
Bishop asked if we could show him where this one member lived in the swatters. Showed him the way and the member's daughter had a fever. She asked if he could give her a blessing, he said sure, but them realized he had forgotten his oil. O.o I remembered that Brother Andoy lived nearby and my companion and I ran over there to see if he had any olive oil. Which... he didn't. O.o (olive oil is super expensive in the Philippines, so a lot of people don't have it.) remembering that another member who lived near by had a small tindahan (like a small shop). So we ran over there and we asked if she had any. She did not, but remembered that this other family probably had some in their house. Sent her kid to show us the way. Went with him, and low and behold, in their emergency kit, they had olive oil. :) On the way back, we ran into Jerald Lati  recent convert. The thought occured to me that it might be a good opportunity to invite him to see the blessing, so we asked him. He said sure, he would really like to. Returned back to the house, where Brother Andoy and Bishop blessed the child. There was a feeling of peace in that house confirming that everything would be alright. 

Afterward, we taught Jerald. Sister Daw shared a favorite scripture with him in Helaman 5:47. She talked about how the most precious thing that everyone wants is peace. We can have it through Jesus Christ and his gospel. :) I asked Jerald how he felt about the Blessing earlier. He said is was amazing to see the priesthood at work. It inspired him to be worthy of it in the future. He related it to the lesson last week about Melchizedek and the priesthood. He remembered, Alma 13:18 saying how Melchizedek established peace in the land, that he is called the "prince of peace" because of it. Jerald made the connection that Priesthood holders all have the potential of being princes of peace to those they serve through the priesthood. To establish peace and comfort to those they administer to. 
It always amazes me the insights/ revelation people gain from reading a simple scripture. How their testimonies are strengthened through their faith and witnessing/ noticing the little miracles in their live. I'm so grateful for the priesthood and the power it has to bring peace and order to this world of sorrow and confusion. Also for the many worthy men who hold it, appreciate it, and their service to others. Jerald is going to be a amazing Melchizedek priesthood holder someday. :D

Well, Got to run! Praying for ya'll! Say thank you to the priesthood holders in your lives. Let them know you appreciate them. ;)

Sister Elsmore ^_-

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