Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Adventures of Sister Elsmore 29

From: Mandy Elsmore <mandy.elsmore@myldsmail.net>
Date: April 16, 2013 2:18:18 AM CDT


So I transferred to Tatay, in Cainta. I live by the river and its AWESOME here! The people are great and many live in swatters (little shacks made out of whatever they can find about a big as a bedroom in the states) here next to the river. Don't worry mom, I'm using bug spray so I won't get Dengue (is this how you spell it? @~@?) How we have transfer day here is we all go to the Aurora Chapel in Quezon City (pretty much the mission headquarters) in Jeepneys. Then we go with our new Zones with our new companions in a Jeepney to our new area. In some ways its nice to have such a small mission. :)

My new companion is Sister Magalogo. She is Samoan and is from Sydney, Australia. The best word I can think of to describe her is quirky. :D She's really funny and Loves the work. Shes been out for over a year. She had brain surgery on the mission and has a tube coming from her brain to her adomin. Apparently she had too much water in her brain. She was originally in the Bagio Mission, but due to her surgery, she has to stay here close to the hospital. She had the option to go home, but she decided to stay. She's AWESOME!!! :D I'm excited to learn and grow with her this transfer.  

There are a lot of awesome people here in Cainta. Many are super poor, but super smart. Deep thinkers, which I've been thirsting for. Lessons have been fun, being able to share and expound the scriptures with investigators and less actives. I've been asked a lot of really neat and interesting questions that I've had to go out and research or ponder about. Its AWESOME! For instance, the word Amen. What does it mean, why do we say it, and is there a synonym for it in English? Amen means true, or fact. Its something we say when we approve of something or believe to be true as well. That's why when we say Amen after someone prays, we are saying, we pray for the same things as well, believing, hoping, and feeling gratitude for the same things people have said in the prayer. For the last question, I'm still thinking about it... I can't think of a synonym... hmm... Can you guys think of one?

Funny Story,
So there are these bicycles with side cars here. They are like tricycles except just with a bicycle. So my companion and I are riding in this thing, and I notice that the guy is struggling. We are a lot bigger than the average Filipino  HA HA HA! So I ask the guy if I can try it. He looks over to me in shock, saying, "TALAGA!?!" (REALLY?) then I tell him, yes. He slows down to a stop, still in shock not knowing what to say, then says I would not be able to because I have a skirt on. I tell him that's not important and get out. Sister Magalogo laughing her head of saying, "She's Serious!" The guy, still out of breath from pedaling and sweat dripping down told me "no" though so I get back into the side car. However, it was a good conversational starter and he wants to listen to us. He told me next time, if I'm not in a skirt, then I can try pedaling. HA HA HA!!! :D

Awesome People:
Randy (22) and Manuel (16) are two of our investigators who are going to be baptized soon. They are Super awesome and dedicated to the Lord. They walk to church for about 2 hours every Sunday to get there in time for 9AM church on Sunday  They came to all the sessions in general conference this past weekend. For one of the sessions we had English in one room and Tagalog in the other room, but for the rest, it was in English (they had technical difficulties and could only download one of the sessions in Tagalog). Even though they did not understand everything in English, they were still at the edge of their chairs, listening for every word, and writing down what they could understand. It made me think, do I thirst for the gospel in such a way that puts me on the edge of my seat. After conference they said, "Maganda" (beautiful) They felt it was a sacred thing. The spirit is a awesome and wondrous thing. Even in situations where we don't understand the words, we can still feel it and gain revelation and impressions. Its amazing! To feel so united and gain a understanding of each other and the gospel even if we can't speak the same language. 

General Conference was Beautiful! I wrote a bunch of questions before hand and had every single one of them answered. Its was Amazing and I felt uplifted and a confirmation again that these Men and Women, general authorities, apostols, and the prophet Thomas S. Monson are truly called of God and inspired by the Lord. I'm so grateful for all the service they do for us and the inspiration to become a better person and closer to the Lord. Mosiah 2:41- remember the example of those who are righteous. Its only human nature when we meet or know someone who is righteous that we want to become like them. The blessings in their lives and the light of Christ emminates from them. 

Goodness this has been a long letter. :D Write again next week. :) Love ya'll lots!

Sister Elsmore

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