Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Adventures of Sister Elsmore 28

From: Mandy Elsmore <mandy.elsmore@myldsmail.net>
Date: April 8, 2013 11:36:56 PM CDT


Hope everyone enjoyed General Conference. We have not seen it yet. We will watch it this weekend. As far as I know, we watch it in English... However, maybe in another area it could be in Tagalog... I'm not sure... Anyway, either way, I'm SUPER EXCITED for it! I CANT WAIT!!!

This past week has been CRAZY!!! We had out temple trip, then zone conference, my companions got really sick, and Sister Aree had a Allergic reaction to Mangos. OUT OF ALL THE FRUIT ON EARTH! MANGOS!!!!! so sad... We had our temple tour with the Siocons. Got 40 people onto one jeepney. HA HA HA! It was so cramped. The Elders were hanging on the outside of the jeepney. Yay, we are Filippino now. :D Then the Siocons: Eva (mom) Thea (16) Mitsi (14) were baptized! Eva had to be baptized twice because April (RM who was willing to baptize them before going to Africa) said the prayer wrong. HA HA HA!!!

Eva's testimony was very sweet. She bore her testimony about how the gospel has strengthened her family. Even though she is a single mom, she feels through the gospel they have become stronger. She's happier and closer to her two daughters and her son (Kurt 6 years old). She said, "Finally, we are baptized, but I know this is not the end. This is just the beginning." I

I feel very privileged and blessed to have been a part of there lives and helping them start on the path to returning to our Heavenly Father. Its been amazing to see the changes and the joy the gospel brings to people's lives. How it truely does strengthens families. Its been so great to feel so uplifted together with them every time we went to teach them. Its just like in D&C 50:22 "both are edified and rejoice together." I love them so much! I'm so excited for them and the start to a new and better life going down the path, drawing closer, and closer to the lord. I am going to miss them more that words can express. 

I'M TRANSFERING!!! O.o!!! I have mixed feelings about this... I really don't want to leave my area. The people are great! The Ward is starting to progress and drawing closer together. Many less actives are coming back to church. The Siocon family just got baptized! These past couple months, its been amazing to see the changes, and the charity in peoples hearts. There is so much I want to still do here with the people and my companions. However, I know that sometimes having a fresh start is a good thing. I know the Lord is sending me to where I need to be. I'm excited to serve in a new area, grow, and meet new people. So wish me luck. I find out tomorrow morning where I'm going. Next time I write I will be in a new area.

Love Ya Lots!
Sister Elsmore

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