Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Adventures of Sister Elsmore 58

Mandy Elsmore <mandy.elsmore@myldsmail.net>


So this week has been another great week on the mission. Was able to concentrate fully on our area and our investigators. No splits this week. Next week though, we will be going to the province of Morong. They say its VERY PRETTY over there, so I'll try to get some pictures of it for ya'll. ;)

Worked with some AWESOME members this week! They have been showing us the area and helping us to find a lot of the less actives and former investigators. Its been great! We talked with so many people and climbed up and down so many mountains I've lost count how many Mountains I've climbed in this area! People are amazing here. Survivors talaga! (really). Here is a couple I really liked...

Sister Husayan- 
52 years old
Return Missionary
Has a limp leg from overdose of a drug to help her illness when she was in her early 20s, but still trudges up and down mountains like its nobodies business. 
Pre-School Teacher
At first when you meet her, she is kind-of intimidating, but once you get to know her, she really is nice and sincere. She makes and honest and true friend to people. 
Thing that I've learned from her is NEVER lower your standards or expectations of life. 
When she became handicapped, she questioned God. WHY did you allow this to happen to me? But a doctor told her, don't let it get you down. You are blessed that you are able to still walk after what happened. Since then, no matter what trials she faces, she always presses forward towards her goals centered on the Gospel. She wanted to Serve a mission. So she served a 18 month mission, even though it was hard for her to walk. She wanted to marry a member of the church. She waited for a long time, never lowering her standards, and finally when she was in her mid 40s she meet Francis and Recent Convert. They were later sealed in the temple. They make a power house team. ^_^
She is evidence of trusting in the Lord of his promises to those that our obedient. He will always provide a way and give strength to those who are in need. Press forward, with a eye single to the Lord. ^_^

Brother Husayan
Mid 50s
One of the nicest people you can meet. He truly conducts himself in a Christlike matter. You will be walking, then you turn around and he's talking to someone and asking how they are doing. A Less Active that we did not know, or former investigators, or people he has never meet before. He treats them all the same, with love and compassion. Made me think, this must of been kind-of how it was walking with the Savior. Apostols rushing forward, but the Savior, stopping for a brief second to show his love and support for people. 
Made me evaluate myself that I want to walk like that. There is Always enough time to show Christ-like love to all. No Matter where you are or what you are doing. :)

When one is at there lowest Point...
Taught the Taperla family with the Husayans. This family is at their breaking point. Lost their Jobs, have a new baby, a daughter in her 1st year in colledge, a son starting high school. The weight of the world is one their shoulders. They can't feel God's presence in their life and starting to lose their testimonies. We shared about Faith, Alma 32:21&41. The things to do to increase faith and what decreases our faith, with a emphasis on prayer and scripture study. Stick to the basics. Get down on your knees and plea unto the Lord with our family, until you become stable and strong. Act, even if you only just have but a desire to believe. Listen, for the voice of the Lord. Act, then see the miracles of the Lord. Patience and Diligence is a hard thing to master, but it brings the greatest satisfaction. Remember who you are, a son and daughter of God. He will not forsake his children. ^_^

My Adventures with Children...
Taught a bunch of kids how to play red light green light and duck duck goose. They LOVED it! So much, that every time they see me they want to follow me around everywhere. HA HA HA! >_< Sometimes I'm not sure what to do with them. ^_- So I just laugh and love them. 

Tried Cocoa straight from the tree! O.o SO AWESOME! Very sweet the white fiberous fruit encompassing the seeds. Then you take the seeds, sun dry them, then grind them to be cocoa. The Pendon Family (returning less actives) and Sister Abonitalla were laughing at my expressions of wonder and excitement about the whole thing of wonderfulness. I can't help it. FRUIT IS SO GOOD!

D&C 20: 7-12
This is about How the Book of Mormon was translated, What it is about, and Why we have it. All jampacked into 6 simple scriptures. ^_^ The Book of Mormon is an AMAZING book. Truly it is the word of God. Reading it brings about changes in people. I see it everyday. In others and in myself. Seeing the work of angels ministering to others from its affects. Also seeing that God truly is the Same, yesterday, today, and forever. ^_^

Sorry if this is a little scatter-brained. Many thoughts...
Love ya'll! Keep Reading your Scriptures! Praying for Ya'll!
Sister Elsmore ^_-

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