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Adventures of sister Elsmore 57

Mandy Elsmore <>
Sister Elsmore


Sorry for the late reply last week and if you were worried about me. I’m fine. The earthquake was very far from me and we did not physically feel the effects of it. There are many who’s families are over there. And we had no idea what really happened. People here have the tendency to overreact the smallest things, so sometimes its hard to know how bad things really are… Praying for those affected by the earthquake here and the typhoon over in Japan.
Been a busy week this week. Did not have to go on splits this week, so finally, we can concentrate on our area. We found a bunch of AWESOME investigators, who really want to be baptized in the next couple of months. Excited to help them prepare to receive such a sacred ordinance and begin their journey on the right path to our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ. Here are just a few of them who have made a big impact on me…

Tatay Elser:
He is in his 60s, Catholic and a very skilled tailor. He can just look at a picture in a magazine or a sketch and know exactly how to make it and do it in 1 day or 2. He loves detail! Loves to dissect the Book of Mormon and understand everything. He is so hungry for the gospel and just lights up when he understands something and feels the Holy Ghost. Before, he noticed in the pamphlet that most of the people in the pictures had ties. He thought that he could not come to church because he did not have a tie. After explaining to him that the House of the Lord is for everyone and it does not matter if you don’t have a tie. Just we wear our best in his house. He still searched through all his belongings and low and behold, he found a long lost tie. ^_^
 The biggest trial that he faces right now is the fact that his wife is NOT supportive of us WHATSOEVER! She is a true blue Catholic and does not like the fact that he is listening to us. He wants to learn more, be baptized, but his wife will not let him go to church. Its such a hard decision, one we cannot make for him. We are not here to break families apart, but to help them become more unified and closer to God. Closer to Christ. Never prayed so hard for a person before to feel the comfort of the Lord and know what he is to do to follow his will for him and for his family.

Raffy and Marycris:
Cute couple who have 3 children. A 3 year old, 2 year old, and a 1 month year old. ^_^ They have been a couple for 4 years now and meet missionaries a while back. They have a testimony, they just don’t have a birth certificate to be married. Nor the money to be married. They want to be baptized and they want to follow all of Gods commandments. ^_^ They just don’t know how… Lately things have changed where it is easier and more affordable for people to obtain birth certificates. We had a member with us who actually works at the NSO (government record place, forgot what it stands for) and she was able to explain to them all the steps they need to take to be married. ^_^ There are no accidents when it comes to the Lord and helping his children fulfill his will and his commandments. As it says in 1 Nephi 3:7 he will always provide a way, this couple now has hope for the future, a goal to be married and baptized on November 30th. And the faith to accomplish and follow the Lord in whatever he would require for them. ^_^

Funny Story:
Was in one of the Elders area with my District about to go out to do a service project of clearing out the mountainous jungle with machetes. We were going down this SUPER steep mountain that had been paved with concrete, but from the recent rain, was pretty slipper with the moss. Elder Bucad slips and falls. We all laugh and we continue. Elder Pincock says, “Ok, Don’t fall everyone.” Then about 5 seconds later, he slips and starts sliding on his sandals down the mountain about 5 feet, the Member we were doing the service project for tries to brace himself and stop him, but then Elder Pincock, being quite a lot taller than him, takes him out and they start sliding down the mountain together and his companion a little ways ahead gets taken out as well. They stop… Everyone is silent for a couple of seconds. Then we all start laughing.
(Yes, Mom and Dad, I used a machete and did not die or lose any limbs. The Lords protection is real. ^_-)

Thought: (perhaps a bit interpretive of me...don't take this as doctrine.)
In Matthew 11 or 12, I can't remember where, last verses, talks about the yoke of the lord is light. Give him your burden, for it is easy. In the Savior, we find rest. It made me think that with a yoke, we are pulling along with the Savior, in order to be able to move forward, we need to be in harmony with his will, and act in synch with him, or pulling our burdens becomes harder. If we are trying to do it on our own, we hardly go anywhere. We cannot expect the Lord to do it all for us either, but together with him, our burden is made light. And we can progress. Just like two oxen at the front of a cart. 

Depend on the Savior and let him help you through life challenges. It will be a lot easier to endure until the day where we reach ultimate peace and happiness. ^_^

Praying for ya'll! Love Ya'll!
Sister Elsmore

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