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Adventures of Sister Elsmore 35

From: Mandy Elsmore <mandy.elsmore@myldsmail.net>
Date: May 27, 2013 8:55:28 PM CDT


Going to comment and answer a few questions from ya'll. So forgive me if its a little more scatter brained...

Continuing to write in my journal, etc... Its one of my forms of stress relief and way to identify my feelings and organize them. Its nice at the end of each day to Evaluate what happened and identify the little miracles I was blessed to see everyday.  I'm SO tired sometimes, the writing gets extremely sloppy. Can totally tell from the days I'm totally wasted and days I've got a little bit more energy. Its amusing to see. 

Not sure why I'm training either to be honest (Dad). But rather than asking why, don't worry. I'm asking, what does the Lord want me to do in this situation. Its very humbling training. Truthful, I feel like I might be getting more out of training than my trainee. Doing more self-evaluations on how I we can improve and how I can be more patient, understanding, and loving to my companion. Trying to think of fun ways to train my companion. Help her adjust. Do you guys have any suggestions?

My companion/ anak:
Sister Velasco
Height: 4.11 1/2 (we usually just round it up to 5 feet though ^_-) 
Ilonga- From Himamaylan City, in the Philippines. Ilongo is her language. Its kind-of like the french of the Philippines. Very sweet sounding. 
One word to describe her: INTENSE!!! :D
The way she talks is very spunky and she's got a lot of fire, confidence, and spirit for someone in such a small body. 
Her dream job is to work on a barge. Loves cooking (so YAY!!! Going to learn some new recipes.) Can't survive without eating rice. :)
I'll send a picture of her next time. 

No, I'm not with Sister Magalogo anymore. She went to Cogeo, right next to my last area. She taught me how to love life no matter what life's trials bring. Truly just being herself. Miss her, but we will see each other around. :D

Spiritual Stories (its been a while)
1) We were teaching Narciso (23 years old) how to pray. He was baptized when he was young, but he's family has been less active for a long time. As we talked about pray and how we can communicate with our father in heaven his countenance changed. The spirit entered the room and you could tell he truly wanted to communicate with God. We knelt down together in their small little swatter home, on the hard cement floor. We invite him to pray after Sister Velasco prayed. Sister Velasco gave a simple sweet prayer and then it was Narciso's turn. At first he was super shy, we encouraged him and he started out saying: "Ama po namin sa Langit" (Our Heavenly Father). Then stopped, we waited for 5 minutes and he looked up with tears in his eyes and said... "ikaw sister" (you sister... meaning you do it sister).
I told him, ok, but asked if after me he could pray. He said he would. It was one of those moments that you just felt like God was there in the room. I gave a short but sincere prayer that Narciso would have the courage and strength to pray. That he would know what to say and feel Gods love for him. The spirit was so strong, testify that God really was there for us. That he wants to listen to us. That he loved Narciso and was proud of him and his desire to pray. It was amazing. 
Narciso gave a short and sincere prayer after that. Thanking god for his family and us missionaries and ended. 
We left that house with thankful hearts and a deeper love and appreciation for God and the opportunity we have to Pray. I know that God lives. That he loves each and everyone of us. He knows us. He WANTS to listen to us and talk to us. Just like any loving parent wants to talk and be close to their children. I'm so grateful for that day. To be able to feel God's love so strongly and the opportunity to be uplifted with one of God's children.

2) Went to the Temple Tour with Maria Russel, Susan Mirador, and her apo (grandson) Mark. It was Maria Russel's first time going to the temple. We got there early, and sat together next to some flowers. She told me that, if it wasn't for her getting sick that week, she probably would not have taken the time off to come with us. She felt like it was God telling her to take a break sometimes and take time off for what is really important in life. She loved the temple. We conversed about the feeling of peace we felt there. The it seems like all our worries and problems just disappear  There is a Peace of Mind there like none other. Its clean. Pure. Beautiful. Wonderful. In short, a house of God. Told her about how that feeling is even stronger within. She's inspired to enter in the Temple and do work for her ancestors now. :)

Funny Cultural Superstition:
People when their baby is having trouble sleeping lick their finger and then rub the saliva on the bottom of the foot of the infant. Why? I have no idea. It just is. :D People do it for each others babies... HA HA HA! Still not sure what to think of it. 

Ok, I wrote a novel. Praying for you all. Take some time to have some personal time with the Lord. You and the Lord will appreciate it. ;) Love ya Lots. 

Sister Elsmore ^_^

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